How COVID-19 revolutionized Marriage and Dating - a Muslim's perspective

In the past I have written about the toxic environment of the dating pool, and the prospects of marriage for a man seeking to settle down. I have since gotten married, and my wife is not perfect, she is emotional, however is nevertheless truly an angel.

The right person for you, is literally one in a million. The bitterness of the dating market exists because it is supposed to be like that. You are not supposed marry every female or many females, generally you only marry one (maybe up to 4 if you are muslim and believe you fit the criteria). Human beings are like snowflakes, you will want to find your snowflake match. This is not an easy feat, and I believe it's only done through the mercy and intervention of Allah (s.w.t.) (arabic word for God).

One difficult aspect of the mating game is that women have the internet, work, advanced technology, and other means and methods for sitting up on a pedestal, and holding out on marriage while they await a caliber of man that they think is the pinnacle. This waiting, is precisely the thing that made men, including myself, upset. I wanted a young wife, not one that is older (and often used). I did not think this was too much to ask for.

It took an intervention from Allah(s.w.t) for me to find my soulmate in 2018. However, Allah(s.w.t.) cannot force everyone's hand, rather He gave us free-will. So if the culture is set up in a way that women are all waiting much too long to get married, because women are being too picky, Allah(s.w.t.) will not inspire all women to marry early across the board (even though he could if he wanted to). Allah (swt) is fair and he must judge us based upon our own actions.

Enter God's Mercy

So what does Allah (s.w.t.) do as a mercy upon humanity? He brought us the COVID-19 pandemic. Now women whom were waiting, being picky, enjoyed a hedonistic lifestyle, are now at home, alone, and staring at the wall. If there is anything women hate, especially women who's lives are engulfed with fun, attention, and action, it is boredom.

Boredom is kryptonite to a female. Women will explode if they are bored. After a year of lockdowns, poor economy, and fear, women are now becoming increasingly desperate to get married, and at younger ages. Being with a man and perhaps producing more humans seems much more fulfilling than working from home alone. The reason women wanted to work was so they could engage in the work culture, and build a social circle, in hopes that they could expand their social network to meet the right people. The right people are the prince knight in shining armor and the big boss who can offer a glamorous career.

With COVID-19 restrictions, there is no social circle, and even prince charming is sitting at home doing nothing like everyone else. Suddenly the appeal and glamour of the cool guy disappeared, and women are realizing we are all human. We all sit and eat and use the bathroom, and its up to you to do these things alone or with a family of your choosing. Women are not aware of who is meeting who and who is marrying who while sitting at home, for all they know, all the good men are being snatched up. Simply, Women are scared.

Suddenly, we realize that the culture of dating never facilitated marriage at all, rather it delayed it for both genders. Women are only living in a man's world and playing by the rules he set out, so if anyone is to blame its the weak men of our culture that allowed this hedonistic culture to take over.

In sum, women are now open, ready, and serious about marriage, and you as a man should be too.

Islamically, Allah promises financial blessings to those getting married and after each child is born. My experience is proof that these divine promises are true. I encourage all my readers to get married, because it truly is the state in which a man is supposed to live.

Benefits of Marriage for a Man: well fed, consistent sex, confidence, more time to focus on work and hobbies/more money/better health

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