Gifs4Steem One Hundred Steem | Contest by @edisuryadi97

Thanks to @stephenkendal for being willing to open a contest for all Graphic Designers, Artists, Promoters, and all who can make Promotions.
This contest contains promo-steem to help market #promo-steem
On this occasion, I will show my gifs of my work, let's see the results below.

Screenshot (52).jpg

pertama  seklai.gif


1 (2).gif


I made this gif using an Android app, had a little trouble moving the text image every step of the way, but anyway, that's the result.

I humbly apologize for any flaws in my gif, and I hope you will understand.

Thank you for visiting

Regards @edisuryadi97

Comments 3

it is awesome. thanks for your addition

01.05.2021 15:57

Your welcome.. 😊

01.05.2021 16:10

really good editing. I like your editing. continue to work and continue to promo-Steem.

01.05.2021 18:53