Iran Burns Down "Central" Bank

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Iranians have risen in almost every city. There are suggestions 27 people have been shot dead. Cars are being abandoned to close roads. The internet has been shut down.

Some suggest this is a branch of the Iranian Central Bank in Behbahan, a costal city in western Iran of 120,000 people.

Yet this appears to be Bank Melli Iran, a national and retail bank in Iran which is the biggest in the islamic world and in the Middle East.

It's times like this that I enjoy being a house-slave.

The rest of the world is on fire, and here I stand, working 20 hours a week, dicking around on my 40 MegaBYTE per second Internet connection. Do I need 40 MB/s? Nah! Probably only need 1. Fuck it! I'm a gluttonous American. Just hearing about other people at work losing power for two days made me very uneasy. Damn California high-winds.

Cushy as fuck.

I've even taken 4 days off in the last two weeks.

Two 4-day weekends in a row. lol. Oh man, how did I get here?

In any case.

What caused these riots the break out?

It must be a disagreement about central banking amirite?


This outpouring of revolt follows a sudden announcement that fuel prices were to be increased by 50%, cutting fuel subsidies ostensibly to provide more for the poor.

I also read on a different report that there is something like a 16 gallon per month limit per person, down from something like 250? Ouch.

But why?

The main reason for these riots (often peaceful protests) is clearly the result of American sanctions of Iran via the SWIFT banking network. A country like Iran (and everyone else, really) depends on trade with other countries to have everything they need.

Did you know that if all the rubber trees on the planet died our entire economy would be totally fucked?

Think I'm being ridiculous? I watched an entire documentary on it that I'll speak to in another post. The rubber tree is the world's absolutely most important asexual plant. Every tree has the same genetics. If rubber tree blight makes it's way to Asia we are totally fucked. Not to mention that the derivative market on rubber is already making it not worth it for poor farmers to even continue operations.

This is just one of the many many examples that shows how our economy hangs by extremely weak centralized threads.

In any case, we are cutting off Iran from trade by imposing these sanctions, and this is causing them to become desperate. If you ask me they should just bow down like everyone else and become our slaves. Give us cheap oil, dickheads! Or we'll slap you with the big dick of freedom and democracy!



Make no mistake, this is not just America's fault. The bad-actors of the USSA are punishing the bad-actors of Iran.

How do I know this? There isn't a single "good-actor" in all of politics worldwide. If you want power, you have to play the game of stepping on the backs of others.

Anyway, Iran is being squeezed, so in turn they need to squeeze the bottom of their own pyramid. In an Iran where everyone was working together in harmony none of this would be a big deal, but that's kind of the point isn't it? These centralized inverted-pyramid power structures are about to collapse all around the globe. Humanity is failing to scale, and we require complete restructuring of the foundation of the economy to fix it.


For every slight we suffer, someone else is going to have it 100 times worse. Doesn't mean our experience is any less valid, but perspective is important.

This unrest is only just starting. Things are going to get a lot lot worse. I hope the people here wake up when it's time to riot and burn down something important instead of raiding local businesses because their football team won. Alas, very few riots in history actually had intelligent focus. Illogical uninformed enraged citizens will lash out at whatever target is closest, no matter how much sense it makes to do so.

Let the carnage begin.

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17.11.2019 19:58

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17.11.2019 20:01

It doesn’t take much of a spark to light a fire. In Chile, it was a small increase in the price of mass transit. Sure, there were a lot of underlying grievances, but an 8% increase in bus/subway fares was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I wonder what the spark will be in America.

17.11.2019 20:51

I imagine it will be bank bail-ins.

Although that's a pretty big reason.

17.11.2019 21:51

thinking it might be the fed going negative interest and dollar collapsing

17.11.2019 23:21

Life is random as all get out, I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for the theocracy in Iran or the start of a purge of the opposition. Time will tell.

17.11.2019 23:57

negative interest rates coming to the land of the slaves by the start of 2021
what a bloody shame and your right bud going to get a whole lot worse before it starts to get better again

18.11.2019 02:49

I'm glad that we have cryptocurrency as at least an option to fight back against the system. Before this, there weren't really too many options. Now many things exist that give people the freedom of choice with their money including Bitcoin gambling or other activities that can otherwise be difficult to do with government interference.

19.11.2019 20:13