Gym? Fitness? Gains? Cancer? Medicine?


For the first time in over 5 years I went to the gym. I was going to do a two week trial but they convinced me to sign up month to month. I got a "deal" because of the friend that recommend the place.

It's very easy to get burned on gym memberships. That's why it was a lot smarter for me to not make any kind of commitment. They know a very significant amount of people aren't going to stick with it. They try to get you to sign up for a year knowing full well you probably are only going to be there 4 months or less. This allows them to sign up more people and offer better "deals" without overcrowding. Capitalism!

For the last two years I've had a fairly physical part-time job. I easily burn 1000 calories in a four hour shift and walk 10 miles. I thought that this would be enough physical activity, but it's just not. My metabolism is too low because my muscle mass is too low, and once I got used to the job it stopped being difficult and there was no point in pushing myself harder. In addition, the kind of physical activity I get at my job can put unnecessary strain on my lower and upper back. It's not a very productive form of fitness.


When you go to the doctor, what do they tell you? Diet and exercise. Diet and exercise. Diet and exercise. I find this somewhat comical and ironic. Basically, from my point of view, doctors are freely admitting that they are somewhat useless and the human body is a marvel that takes care of itself quite well under ideal conditions.

How many individuals have beaten cancer by becoming healthier people and not even known it? No one knows. This is essentially an impossible thing to measure, and when it does happen doctors just say something idiotic like, "Oh, that's spontaneous remission... lucky you." The vast majority of the time people don't even know they have cancer until it has progressed quite aggressively. Who knows what happens when it's just forming how how much it responds to individual lifestyle choices.

Think about it, doctors always admit that diet and exercise are the ultimate foundation of a healthy lifestyle, yet at the same time they make the claim that all holistic medicine is quackery. How can all holistic medicine be quackery if you just made the claim that the things we chose to put in our bodies are the ultimate foundation of a healthy lifestyle? Why would they be so hypocritical?

When someone get's cancer, what is the solution? Sign your life away and become a debt slave so that doctors can pump poison into your body and hope that it kills the cancer and not you. How utterly horrifying.


When you think about it it's actually pretty amazing that we can survive in these conditions at all. There are toxins all around us. In the food; In the water; In the air. Do doctors ever tell us maybe we should make a serious attempt to remove as many of these toxins from our environment as possible? Nah, just give them enough money and they'll help you poison yourself further.

Just look at hospital food. If diet is so important for a persons health why is hospital food so notoriously shit? Shouldn't food provided at hospitals be of the absolute highest quality to capitalize on its obvious health benefits? Why is the medical industry saying one thing and then doing another? The hypocrisy is palpable.

In the last twenty years, how many scientific medical breakthroughs have been announced that were cheap and affordable to everyone... I'll wait. The answer should concern everyone on the planet. Inexpensive solutions are never researched because there is no financial incentive to do so. A lot of holistic medicine is indeed obviously snake-oil quackery, but the medical mafia refuses to do the research to find out what works and what doesn't because there is absolutely nothing in it for them.

This is why I would definitely invest in a cryptocurrency designed to combat this problem. This is yet another one of those business models that crypto can follow but traditional capitalism can not. By monetizing the research and development of medicine using a native currency, all of a sudden inexpensive remedies are worth the research. Bringing value to the network is its own reward, rather than having to worry about monetizing the research that was done after the fact.

Fitness Goals

I'm keeping it basic at this point. I spend a lot of time in my computer chair and have a chronic shoulder and back injury that takes a beating because of all this bad posture. I'll be doing a lot of rehabilitation on my rotator cuffs and hip flexors.

In the end, investing in one's health seems like a chore, but you definitely get more out of it than you put in. Even after one session at the gym I feel like I'm able to think more clearly and sleep more soundly. Hopefully I make the most of this membership fee and can use it to avoid unnecessary visits to the physician in the future through generic health improvement.

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15.08.2019 18:21

There's actually a ton of pharmaceutical drugs that are just an extract from some plant. Except they give it a brand name and don't even talk about the fact that you could actually just take the herbal extract.

There are tons of other herbs that aren't researched nearly enough. And we have to all just take them and see if they work. They can't even do studies on things that people are consuming on the hope that they will make them better.

In some cases they may be causing organ failure.

And all the while certain companies are making a boatload on just complete lies. Like Vitamin C. No, it does not keep you from getting a cold or flu. It also doesn't cure cancer, which was the original claim.

But of course, there are herbs that are highly effective. Hell, I got aloe growing all over my yard for the occasional burn. I probably have enough that I could supply a hospital for a day.

As to your pondering about how many people have cancer and their body cures it silently...most of them. Cancer is nothing new. It's not special. We have defenses against it. A normal healthy body hopefully can deal with it, unless the growth goes too out of control or there's something wrong. Totally not suggesting people ignore cancer though. I'd actually prefer that they seek advanced medical treatment, rather than use the same old standard treatments.

But, eating healthy and ensuring your organs and immune system are all functioning could possibly keep your body healthy enough so any cancer you get is taken care of before it gets to the detectable stage.

Which is another thing we need funding for. We need to understand more what different foods and herbs do to regulate and heal the body, so we could do cool things like have an app on your phone that says "Hey, you should eat some Kale today.", or seaweed, or whatever, because science. As in it would read various medical sensors on your body and would be able to tell you that some food or herb would increase your health in some way, so you would feel better.

I hope the blockchain will be able to fund science. There's a lot of science that doesn't necessarily have an immediate obvious financial benefit, or it would not be as easy to keep others from making money from it, so it never gets funded. Of course, there are also a lot of scientists studying a lot of different things. But I'd really like to see more herbs and vegetable and diets and things studied, because we actually all kinda need those things to be studied.

We aren't in the dark ages anymore. Time to turn on some lights.

Good luck with working out and such. Try to get into a habit. It makes it a lot easier.

15.08.2019 18:35

I spend a lot of time in my computer chair and have a chronic shoulder and back injury that takes a beating because of all this bad posture

This is so me only that my neck takes all the backlash, I'm not sure I can fix that in the gym because id only be going back to my computer to spend more time because I have too, either I like it or not. What will help me is taking a lot of time off my daily computer usage, its just hardly feasible for me cuz I have to work.

Hope you enjoy your time at the gym....pump those biceps and stay healthy!

15.08.2019 19:30

I'm definitely going to try and counteract this by strengthening muscles that promote good posture. Sometimes my neck also takes a great burden, and I feel like if I had better posture I'd be doing just fine. I'm also thinking about setting up a secondary standing workstation so I don't have to be sitting down 100% of the time.

15.08.2019 20:18

I'm also thinking about setting up a secondary standing workstation so I don't have to be sitting down 100% of the time.

This is a great idea, I'd check out the internet to see what I can find or make by myself...gracias

16.08.2019 14:30

Sometimes, doctor can only advise as they admit sometimes that the co is in humans court. Can be quite stressful at times on gym imagine 4 hours there but also at times good for body fit

15.08.2019 20:20

Wow, great article! I totally agree with so much you said, I honestly sat here shaking my head yes as I was reading the entire thing LoL. I have taken my health in my own hands and finally got off the 13 medications I was on since before the age 30, thanks VA. Now I am 37 and in the best shape of my life, running half marathons and teaching other people how to be healthy. I had terrible back problems and poor posture came along with that, my fiance got me into yoga and that has helped solve so many of my physical issues so you might want to consider that, just a thought.. Plus its always nice being the only guy in a class full of women! :) LoL.. Take care friend.

15.08.2019 21:04

HAHAHA @moderndayhippie - that's what my husband says about yoga - being in a class full of woman is great! You know me and yoga - I can't do without it and think it covers everything you need - even the mental strength to do marathons - @riverflows.

16.08.2019 01:02

LoL, sounds like your husband and i would get along just fine 😉 LoL. Truth is I have to work really hard in those power yoga classes so the women dont make me look weak! LoL

16.08.2019 08:58

theyyeah this gym has Yoga classes I was thinking of taking.

16.08.2019 02:07

Do it 👍 you wont regret it. And if you really want a good workout try a power yoga class, it will kick your ass!

16.08.2019 08:51

Check out @actifit to be active and get some Steem and token while you do! It has motivated me and although I still battle with my weight due to my diet, I am much better off than I would have been otherwise.

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16.08.2019 00:10

I have over 30k actifit tokens :D

16.08.2019 02:08

You’ve been visited by @riverflows on behalf of Natural Medicine!

doctors always admit that diet and exercise are the ultimate foundation of a healthy lifestyle, yet at the same time they make the claim that all holistic medicine is quackery.

Ha, yes, it does sound hypocritical. Sometimes I think people are too quick to create a difference between holistic/alt and mainstream medicine, but really there is much to be gained from both of them working together, and I do believe that's happening more and more. I have to say though, Dad's going through the chemo option because he's putting faith in the doctors - we believe his healthy lifestyle will help him recover quicker and that's exactly what the doctors are saying too - he's vegetarian, always been a yogi, fit as anything - at 72 there's no way his body could handle chemo if he hadn't had that basis for health to support his body. But yoga, surfing and diet alone wouldn't have cured him.

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