Octopus fishing in cost today Thursday. Island of margarita (Venezuela).

I want to share with you my adventure today. I have a friend in Guayacán beach and I borrowed his little rowing boat to go octopus fishing, I went with an uncle, my brother, and a friend, it was a very rainy day in the morning and from the middle of the day a very strong sun, we were fishing with some poteras made by yourself, we ran with the bad luck that a pot was stuck in a stone at the bottom of the sea and I could not get it because it is very deep and looking at it to see if it could take off the nylon was blown up, but it was worth that adventure since we got octopus for everyone to bring to their homes. My uncle and I in the part behind the boat showing the tremendous octopus I captured.

Already at home with some octopuses that we caught and as you can see, I am red from the sun that I hold and very happy because I brought octopus to my house so that my mother can make us all at home.

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