La realidad que se oculta en muchos estados de mi país Venezuela. The reality that is hidden in many states of my country Venezuela.

La triste realidad que se vive día a día aquí en mi isla, y las público por este medio,ya que para muchas personas de otros países, en Venezuela no hay hambre ni miseria.
Estás imágenes que hoy les comparto las tome en una calle de los alrrededores del centro de Porlamar donde se aprecian personas buscando en la basura para comer, eso se ve en algunos sectores de la isla producto del alto costo de la vida y la crisis económica que se encuentra nuestro país, donde un sueldo mensual solo alcanza para comprar 2 artículos de la cesta básica.

The sad reality that is lived every day here on my island, and the public here, because for many people in other countries, in Venezuela there is no hunger or misery. These images that I share today I took in a street around the center of Porlamar where you can see people looking in the trash to eat, that is seen in some sectors of the island product of the high cost of living and the economic crisis that Our country is located, where a monthly salary is only enough to buy 2 items from the basic basket.


fotos de mi autoría tomadas con mi telef ZTE maven 2 isla de margarita Venezuela./ ## photos of my authorship taken with my phone ZTE maven 2 margarita island Venezuela .

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I hear many Venezuelans speaking of "the basic basket", using those exact words. Is that a specific term in your country, Edgar? Popularized by media or government, perhaps? Every Venezuelan I've spoken to tells me that "a monthly salary only buys 1 or 2 items from the basic basket", almost like it's a slogan for people there. I wonder what you think about it? Thanks and have a great night.

20.01.2020 01:43

good night friend @drutter I wish you are well as your family friend, if here in Venezuela we say so because they are the most important and indispensable food and only the monthly salary only reaches 1 or 2 friend items. there are many people in the street asking and eating from the trash. I am unable to have 3 hernias in the spine and I only receive 67% of the monthly salary monthly and less enough for anything and for the need and running the risk of being in a bed prostrated by the hernias that sometimes cramp my legs I dedicate myself to my plot and go with an empty cap of pepper, swimming until I reach an anchored boat to fish and thus take home and complement the food. Have a happy night friend.

20.01.2020 04:58

Yes Edgar, I know full well how hard your life is. You've told me many times.
What I am asking is why do you (and all other Venezuelans) always use the exact specific term "basic basket"? That isn't a term in Western culture. I think I know what you're getting at, but why do you use those specific 2 words? Is that a common saying in your region? Do you say "I am going to the supermarket to buy a basic basket today?" I'm not asking for examples of how hard life in Venezuela is, how difficult it is to go fishing without a boat, and so on.

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