I Invite you to Join The CHALLENGEDAC Now

Phew! So I'm finally writing this post after so much procrastination but it's all good now as I've finally decided to do it. This isn't a very long post as I just want to bring to our awareness a great app that I just found out. I was actually introduced to it by someone who is a persistent fellow @citimillz who has been disturbing me to download the app 😀😀, well, I'm happy I finally did.

So What's ChallengeDac?

As the name implies, "Challenge" it is an app that you can challenge another user to do something you want, just for fun and there are really no consequences for not carrying out the challenge but if he's carried out, the fun continues right? Yea, I thought as much! Well, apart from that, you also get the opportunity to earn it's tokens through airdrop which is always done on their discord server and also for carrying out minor tasks. Another beautiful thing is when you download the app, you are rewarded 20 CHL instantly.

Below are some Screenshots of the App and it's Interface!




If you notice from the first screenshot, you would notice that my CHL token has reduced to 15 instead of the 20 that came when I downloaded the app. The reason is because I created my first challenge to another user which you can see in the second screenshot and I put out 5CHL as reward. You can see the third screenshot congratulating me for my challenge. It's quit very easy to use and the token is already trading on Steem Engine. All you need to register is just an EOS account and you are good to go. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE APP VIA THIS LINKS EITHER ON APPLE STORE OR PLAYSTORE!

Playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=challengedac.com.challenge_dac_app&hl=en_US&fbclid=IwAR2JFSGfevOI84dn9ABypt0aV1M-tlWwW7k-J2laz79faPgvowsS3k1_URA

IOS link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/challenge-fun/id1478759780

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Thanks for Participating @eddie23! I just sent your reward of 1000 CHLP.

19.11.2019 10:14

Thank you

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Thank you

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