A few days later

2 out of 6 germinated not a good score
But then considering the seeds were on a boat for nearly 2 years ... acceptable I'd say
The one on the left is coming up nicely too just can't quite see it as it's still got a piece of seed shell on
I like to give them a chance to sort themselves out even though I know they would benefit from a little help but don't want to risk damage with my clumsy fingers
I think they are both "mango 710" had a bit of a mix up as the outer packaging got soaked through and was a soggy mess not even sure if autoflowering or normal but they are gonna go outdoors anyway so I'll give them some nice fertilizer ( I don't believe in the expensive "special" ones "miracle grow" for veg period works for me fine think it is npk 20:12:8 or something around that I'll be adding some other stuff to it but I'll talk about that nearer the time sometimes I used to give them something like "babybio" to start with but a bit awkward going shopping at the moment as you well know) ( gee that was a long digression) and let nature take its course.
Keep safe!

P.s. previous photohttps://esteem.app/cannabis/@eddard/a-new-beginning-0lv0gvov

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