The Third Stage of the Promotion Starts on Bit-Z: Get More Bonuses!

A joint promotion with Bit-Z crypto exchange is not only the opportunity to get bonuses during the whole month, but also a full-scale campaign to attract new participants! We are observing how fast the number of participants at each stage is growing: you can also join our promotion to win EDC bonus coins!

How to get bonuses

  1. Take part in the third stage of the promotion on the Bit-Z exchange (June 30, 2020 - July 6, 2020);
  2. Maintain your turnover of 80,000 EDC or more within the determined time period, as well as you must also have passed Level 2 certification on the exchange;
  3. Get the opportunity to win 400 EDC - 10000 EDC to your exchange account randomly! In total, at this stage, 1,250,000 EDC coins will be distributed between the participants.

Most importantly, EDC users who participated in the promotion in the first two stages can again participate in both the third stage and the next fourth stage, regardless of whether you won the previous time or not.

To all new participants: you can register your account on the Bit-Z exchange, make your first deposit and start winning! Read more about promotion terms here.

Hurry up! You have two more weeks during which you can get bonus coins.

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