Take Part in the Second Stage of the EDC Blockchain Promotion on Bit-Z!

Dear users!

The next stage of the promotion on the Bit-Z crypto exchange starts in our community! This week, every user who participates in the second stage can win EDC coins, even if you did not participate in the previous stage!

Let us remind you of the conditions

The EDC Blockchain platform and the Bit-Z exchange are drawing 5 million EDC coins between participants! The promotion is divided into 4 stages, in each of which you can win EDC bonus coins in the amount of 400 EDC - 10000 EDC. The winner will be determined randomly.

How to win coins:

  1. Register on the Bit-Z exchange if you do not yet have an account;
  2. Pass Level 2 certification;
  3. Maintain a sales turnover of 80,000 EDC during one (or each) stage. Each stage lasts 7 days.

The first batch of EDC coins has been already sent to the wallets of 524 happy users who took part in the first stage!

Join us to get bonuses!

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