Take Part in the Blockchain Charity!

EDC Blockchain Turkish partners have launched a large charity project to help people who find themselves in a difficult situation and need support.

The first charity EDC Blockchain minibus with useful and necessary gifts went to Düzce city in Turkey, where we were met by little schoolchildren! Our leaders gave them everything they needed, including books, school bags, clothes, shoes, as well as stationery.

EDC Blockchain is a platform that not only aims to help entrepreneurs develop their business but also to make the lives of all people better.

Platform users are offered various products and services to improve the quality of life every day. That's why the bonus coin that gives access to the platform is called EDC (Every Day Coin).

An EDC coin can be freely exchanged on specialized platforms, leased, as well as used in loyalty programs, bonus promotions and gift certificates.

We hope that the charity conducted by EDC Blockchain will become an example for other partners.

We thank Turkish leaders for this act of goodwill and invite other teams to join our charity blockchain marathon!


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