Take Part in the Bit-Z Promotion and Get Bonuses!

The fourth final stage of the drawing of free EDC coins on the Bit-Z crypto exchange begins. Join and win bonus EDC coins, following simple conditions!

How to take part

  1. Register now at bit-z.com.
  2. Pass Level 2 certification and maintain your turnover from 80,000 EDC within one week (from July 6, 2:00 (UTC/GMT +08:00) to July 13, 2020, 12:00 (UTC/GMT +08:00).
  3. Get the chance to win 400 EDC - 10000 EDC through random selection!
  4. You can take part in the fourth stage of the promotion, even if you participated and won coins in the previous stages!

There is only one week left until the completion of a large-scale, but not the last EDC Blockchain promotion on Bit-Z! Hurry up to get your coins!

We always strive to provide opportunities for getting more bonuses to our community! The longer you stay with us, the more bonuses you can have, therefore, you can exchange, lease or store them in your EDC Blockchain wallet!


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