New Prospects for EDC Blockchain Development in China

On Friday, December 20, 2019, in Fuzhou, China, EDC Blockchain representatives participated in the annual Global Blockchain Industry & Entrepreneurs Summit.

This large-scale summit was organized by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of China, Fuzhou City Administration, the Association of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, and the Blockchain Association of Fujian Province.

The summit was attended by more than 1000 international blockchain experts and entrepreneurs, representatives of the Bank of China, one of China's largest telephone providers, China Telecom, and even professors from leading Chinese universities.

The great attention of Chinese government officials and organizations to the block industry shows China's acceptance of this revolutionary technology and shows the readiness of the state to participate in the development of promising projects using blockchain.

The main topic for discussion was the integration of blockchain technology in the activities of regional enterprises in China for a more dynamic development of the industrial sector and business. The positive aspects of the application of this technology and the prospects for the implementation of blockchain not only in real business cases but also in economic processes throughout the region were demonstrated.

EDC Blockchain is one of the leading developers of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. The high-performance blockchain platform, packaged solutions for issuing \tokens, functionality for conducting encrypted transactions and implementing loyalty promotions allow entrepreneurs and manufacturers to tokenize and scale their business in 57 countries around the world, where our international community is spread.

At the end of the conference, there was held a large panel discussion with the participation of CEOs of well-known Chinese block corporations, a representative of the Research Institute of Technology and E-Department of the Chinese Government, and the head of the venture fund.

The main issue of discussion was the introduction of blockchain in the public sector of China's economy, which would certainly push the technology itself towards even greater development.

After the event, participants had the opportunity to network, discuss and exchange useful business connections.

Prospects and development potential of EDC Blockchain in the Chinese market are very high, so we will continue to actively implement our products and services, as well as participate in a new presentation, educational and promotional blockchain events in this region!

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