New Opportunities Open for EDC Bonus Coin Holders!

Dear friends, we launched the new bulletin board on Telegram! Here you can place ads on the sale of goods and services for EDC bonus coins!!! Clothing, gadgets, cars, travel services...Get access to any category of goods, and take part in our exclusive promotions!

How it works:

  1. Subscribe to the official bulletin board at
  2. Create a purchase or sale ad and post it on the bulletin board.

Attention! When placing an ad, please attach only high-quality photos, provide an accurate description and indicate the price of the goods.

  1. Tag your post with #buy #sell #location (indicate a country or city) #category (example: #auto, #bag #postcard etc.) to find clients easily.
  2. After the client has been found, switch to private messages to discuss the terms of the deal and the delivery method.
  3. Positive feedback is required to be published on the bulletin board after the deal has been successfully completed!

At EDCaccept, promotions from the company await you! Don't miss the chance to get free EDC coins for your purchases!

Join us here and enjoy shopping with EDC!

Take note, that the platform is not responsible for the terms of delivery and payment between a buyer and a seller. Chat administrators have the right to block a participant the reasons for non-compliance with the chat rules without explaining, as well as remove content considered violating.

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