Holidays Are Ending, Not Gifts!

In anticipation of the Chinese New Year, we want to make a gift for all members of our community! Therefore, we are preparing a mega surprise for you - a promotion for new members of the EDC Blockchain community!

The terms of the promotion are the following:

  • Register for EDC Blockchain at
  • Lease your EDC coins to ECRO masternode
  • Pass verification procedure Level 2 (KYC) in your ECRO account
    Done! As a gift from EDC Blockchain, you will receive $20 at the EDC coin rate on your wallet! Anyone can take part in this promotion!

Contest period: February 1, 2020 - February 29, 2020

EDC Blockchain provides not only tools for implementing blockchain technologies, developing and scaling a business, attracting new customers and receiving stable rewards. But it also gives all active participants of our developing community with the opportunity to participate in promotions, contests, and receive amazing gifts!

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