Gracias Venezuela! EDC Blockchain Presentation Held in Maturin

A presentation of EDC Blockchain’s products was held in the city of Maturin, Monagas state, Venezuela!

The event was organized by the team of Venezuelan community leader Daniel Grosso. Daniel is one of the most charismatic EDC community leaders in Latin America. His presentations gather even more attendees every time.

During the event, the participants were provided with every opportunity that the EDC Blockchain platform users have. They found out how to use the advantages that the EDC Blockchain leasing platform extends in order to develop small and average-size businesses and get daily bonuses. All they have to do is to transfer their EDC bonus coins so that the master node can “rent” them and choose the right leasing period!

Anali Gomez and Juan Figueroa, the speakers from Daniel Grosso’s team, taught the usage of enhanced transaction functionality called “code package” and “red envelope”. These are convenient digital tools that can be used for promo marketing and discount campaigns and any kind of loyalty programs for your business clients.

Besides webinars from EDC Blockchain, presentations and educational events from our speakers are the best way to:

  • Learn everything about the company’s products;
  • Find out about the advantages of our tools and products;
  • Personally communicate with EDC Blockchain’s community leaders from different countries;
  • Ask all the questions and get the most detailed information which you can put into practice, scale up your business, and realize your potential in the field of the newest blockchain technologies!


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