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Dear users!

The EDC Blockchain team reminds you that to buy or exchange EDC coins with the highest level of security, you can use our partner exchanges that allow sellers and buyers of cryptocurrencies to interact quickly and conveniently.

To secure your funds as much as possible, we recommend that you go through verification at all trading platforms where this opportunity is provided.

Trading on our partner exchanges, where you can safely exchange and trade EDC coins, such as Bit-Z, IDAX, DigiFinex, Coinbene, and ZG, offers the following advantages for our users:

  • prompt technical support, which will help to cope with any issue 24/7;
  • convenient functional interface (to understand which exchange interface is most suitable for you, we recommend that you try working on all of the listed exchanges);
  • convenient mobile exchange applications;
  • minimum trading commissions and fast funds deposit/withdrawal;
  • many security settings that give a full guarantee of your funds’ safety!

For your convenience, we have created a separate section on the official website with detailed instructions describing the process of registration, verification, and operation on the exchanges.

In addition, it is planned to regularly conduct incentive programs on our partner crypto exchanges, participating in which, you can receive EDC coins for free!

We want to remind you about the imminent release of our ECRO P2P decentralized exchange platform, where all transactions will be carried out using the "secure transaction" function. This feature guarantees the protection of your funds from all types of non-trading risks!

Buy and exchange your EDC coins on our affiliate trading platforms and get maximum opportunities for efficient and safe trading!


EDC Blockchain Team


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