EDC Coin Rate Analysis

What is EDC?

DC is a utility bonus coin giving access to all services of the EDC Blockchain platform.

EDC Blockchain develops various blockchain solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, that allow tokenizing and scaling projects all over the world.

The platform’s blockchain uses the modernized graphene protocol, which allows up to 100,000 transactions per second. EDC Blockchain offers functionality for reliable transfers, a universal coin constructor for issuing tokens and the ability to receive daily bonuses for holding coins in a masternode.

Global Development

ue to these advantages, a significant demand for EDC coin was registered on international exchanges: according to Coinmarketcap, in November 2019, daily trading volumes exceeded $1,000,000.

The project’s international community includes users from dozens of countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, while the number of registered EDC wallets has exceeded 1.2 million.

Digital Universe

he important partnership for EDC Blockchain is a partnership with the self-sufficient blockchain ecosystem ECRO System, which opens up great opportunities for each EDC utility-coin holder, including the use of EDC as an exchange coin on the large ECRO marketplace.

ECRO is an online marketplace, a universal tool for building a market for goods and services, both for local entrepreneurs and for global trade. The platform offers ready-made trading, service and marketing modules, a crypto-merchant and an online assistant working on artificial intelligence technology.

BitcoBit exchange will be launched in the ecosystem for traders, while a P2P platform will operate for the quick exchange of any crypto assets.

Thanks to a special startup platform, promising technological projects can have the support and the opportunity to develop within the international community using the ECRO Startup platform.

The ecosystem will launch its educational academy to improve the professional level of future marketers, which will cover the project’s need for specialists in scaling the platform and conducting global educational programs in the blockchain area.

Such a significant expansion of services and functionality may increase the number of new users of the EDC Blockchain platform and EDC coin holders. The organic growth in demand for this utility coin is driven by real benefits that can be used in everyday life. EDC is an "Every Day Coin". The coin for every day.

EDC Potential

Active actions of the EDC Blockchain top management on global development contribute to the promotion of the platform. In 2019, the project team took part in global international blockchain and e-sports summits in Singapore and Seoul, round tables, presentations and training seminars in China, Turkey, Nigeria, Indonesia, Latin America, where the general public could get acquainted with our vision on the blockchain technologies’ prospects in the modern economy.

The EDC coin rate’s market dynamics are characterized by a moderate positive trend.

With the help of the burning program, the company's profit for using the coin constructor and all transaction commissions are regularly withdrawn from circulation. Since the platform uses a burning mechanism, there may be a shortage of EDC coins in the market.

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