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Hello dear users! Today, we will talk about the latest technical updates in EDC Blockchain, which is a multifunctional platform using blockchain technology for business tokenization. We regularly develop and test the platform modules to provide maximum capabilities for multiple platform users.

This week our technical department is working in the next fields:

Web-version. Works on the improvement of the performance of a wallet are conducted. For users who prefer to work in a browser, we provide stability to the work of the EDC wallet web version.

EDC Wallet for IOS. We test "check codes" and "red envelopes" modules. Such tests are needed after bug-fixing so that users get ready to use functionality after the release of the updates.

In addition, the "commission" and "lease" modules are tested after the changes have been made.

EDC wallet for Android. At the testing stage, changes in the algorithm for calculating commissions during fund transfers are being made, according to the new EDC Blockchain conditions.

We are testing the functionality of commissions in the "check codes" and "red envelopes" modules: users will immediately see the amount of funds required on the balance to make a transaction.

Developers optimize the commission module, which is responsible for the burning of coins collected by the platform in the form of commission when creating "check codes" and "red envelopes". This will keep the correct amount of coins in circulation for the correct EDC exchange rate estimates.

The functionality to limit the maximum amount of coins in leasing on an account is being tested in accordance with the prescribed limit set in an algorithm that guarantees an initial daily reward.

That will be all for now!

Open the new opportunities of blockchain technology in business organization and daily life with EDC! See you in one week, and we will make a new review of platform upgrades!


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