Celebrate Birthday of EDC Blockchain and Get a Red Envelope!

Dear partners, coordinators, ambassadors, advisors and all participants who make our company successful! It's been a year since a big rebranding of our company, after which we presented to the world a global EDC Blockchain platform!
This platform has its own coin and gives you access to ready-made solutions for the tokenization of your business.

We congratulate all of you on this holiday - thanks to the common efforts, we achieved so many goals and conducted a lot of events around the world!
Our main value is the numerous community, which is actively developing in 57 countries!

More than 1.2 million wallets are registered in the EDC Blockchain system!

About 8 billion EDC coins were leased, while their senders received daily bonuses!

The EDC quotations grew by more than 100%, therefore, the daily trading volume with the EDC coin reached USD 1 million!

We have offered the world instant transactions with a low commission, tools for business tokenization, project scaling, loyalty campaigns, the ability to produce tokens with the help of a coin constructor, daily leasing bonuses, marketing campaigns, as well as straining events all over the world!

Our users in China, India, Nigeria bought new homes, cars and gadgets using the EDC bonus coin!

To celebrate the anniversary of our project, we invite you to take part in the competition and get an additional reward!

The conditions are very simple:

  • Write a creative congratulation text (it could be text or video on YouTube) regarding EDC Blockchain birthday and publish it on any of your social networks!
  • Send a link to this post to Telegram (@edc_support)
  • After summing up the results, we will send the winner a red envelope with a bonus of 30,000 EDC!
    The contest will run from November 19 to 30!

Do not hold back your creative and sincere impulse! And then you will get our prize!

Thank you for being with us!
EDC Blockchain Team

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