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Vaz Eghiazar is the head of ECRO Chain holding, which manages the EDC Blockchain company and projects of self-sustaining ECRO System, as well as an authoritative crypto investor, marketer, speaker and blockchain evangelist.

Vaz regularly reviews in his articles the technological aspects of EDC Blockchain products, which are used by tens of thousands of people on five continents. EDC Blockchain is a platform that allows you to make high-speed anonymous transactions, solve the issues of tokenization of small and medium businesses, as well as scale projects with the help of blockchain technology.

Keep an eye on its regular assessments of the blockchain industry and reviews of the technical solutions offered by the EDC Blockchain platform, as well as keep up to date with the analysis of the ECRO System development. This will help you better understand the technologies, find answers to the most important questions, get a career opportunity in one of our projects or an opportunity to develop a partner business with EDC Blockchain and ECRO System.

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