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Dear EDC Blockchain users!

Here is a weekly news digest to let you know about the current updates that make your work on the platform even more convenient.

EDC Blockchain wallet mobile apps

s we value your time, we optimize the registration process so that you can register an iOS-based EDC Blockchain wallet in a few seconds.

We add special data logging functionality. It will allow recording the program data and its analysis to quickly eliminate possible errors.

This week our developers add several useful elements to the Android-based mobile wallets such as an additional dialog box when entering the system and registering new users, the “About Wallet” section with the details about the wallet’s current version, and the information field showing the total transaction amount when transferring “red envelopes”.

These improvements are aimed at ensuring that the wallet meets the needs of even the most demanding users!

Platform architecture

To ensure that users from all over the world can take full advantage of the EDC Blockchain platform and actively expand their contacts network and communicate with each other in a better way, we scale the platform and optimize the operation of the network cryptocurrency nodes. This allows us to steadily increase our audience while at the same time, increasing the platform performance indicators!

See you in a week and we will help you better understand the inside part of the platform’s work! Join us to develop in the field of digital technologies!


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