EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest

Dear users of the EDC Blockchain platform! Us, a team of technical specialists, would like to inform you about the technological updates of our products!

This week the main focus of our work was on mobile applications for EDC wallets.

iOS Mobile wallets

Great news! Do you use cheque codes? We create functionality for the ability to send and receive cheque codes on iOS devices! This week we are developing the "Transaction history" section, which will display all created and used cheques!

A wide update will be given to the module that allows you to receive coins created using the "Coin constructor".

For more convenient management of your transactions, we are creating the "Repeat Transaction" functionality.

Android Mobile wallets

The most up-to-date version of the application has entered the "A/B-testing" stage! The result of such testing will be the exclusion of any possible errors of the user when managing their funds. This is possible thanks to the special simulation of all situations among different groups of people.

Leave your feedback in our support chat rooms and official social networks! We will take into account all your wishes to further optimize and improve mobile applications!

We continue our work all the time so that you can use our products even more comfortably and efficiently!

See you next time!

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