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Dear participants, this week we are working on preparing the EDC blockchain for global decentralization, which in the future will allow users to deploy their own blockchain nodes, supporting its work and receiving bonus rewards for block confirmation.

Initial testing in the framework of complete decentralization is carried out in order to subsequently help validators launch a stable network. The developers deployed a test node and successfully connected it to the blockchain. All the processes of launching and operating the blockchain should be configured so that when independent network participants have the opportunity to become validators and launch their nodes, any of them could stop their activities, while other validators should continue to work, effectively supporting the network and stably receive bonuses.

Switching to decentralization of the EDC blockchain will take place in two stages: the first one involves the deployment of nodes by witness accounts through voting and verifying their work from the technical side. When launching such a volume of data, nuances in the operation of the code and configuration of nodes may arise. This stage is necessary so that both developers and validators quickly and efficiently resolve such problems together, creating a stable network.

At the second stage, EDC Blockchain will switch to the public blockchain, so that users can not only open nodes, but also vote and make decisions on the development of the project.

Both in the first and in the second stage, node owners receive bonuses as a reward for confirming blocks with their nodes.

In the next digests, we will describe in detail the process of deploying nodes for your successful work on the platform! Do not miss it!

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