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This is the EDC Blockchain technical news digest, thanks to which you will find out about new developments and releases from our programmers’ team!

EDC blockchain Mobile Wallet Apps

iOS version:

EDC Blockchain developers are constantly working on testing and processing the wallet functionality for iOS mobile devices to improve its performance.

Thanks to these improvements, we significantly increase the productivity of the wallet mobile version, and you get a reliable program for managing your funds and using all EDC Blockchain services on your smartphone!

Android version:

Our EDC wallet for Android devices has successfully passed verification on Google Play! You can download and install it for free following this link right away!

After a successful EDC mobile wallet release on Google Play, we test the developed functionality and carry out work to improve its performance and fix minor drawbacks in its work, which will allow you to always use the most advanced version of the wallet on your smartphones.

EDC Blockchain platform internal architecture

EDC Blockchain programmers are constantly improving network elements to scale the platform and allow more users to apply innovative platform services to receive stable bonuses, develop their business, and expand their target audience!

This week, we optimize the work of EDC Blockchain cryptocurrency nodes for more effective interaction between them, which has a positive effect on network stability.

It is all for today! Do not miss our weekly digests, as with their help you can increase your competence in the latest blockchain technologies that we use to support entrepreneurs and users around the world!

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