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Does it start with G?

Win that day we started talking,
Distant conversations of very vague importance;
Without waiting for anything to happen,
But to fall in love with your violet voice began.

Shuddered by that beautiful melody,
They spent day and months detailing every beautiful gesture you had;
And delirious every time I heard you,
Your voice played an adventure in my mind in those days.

We forget a number,
We forget an answer in a final exam;
We forget the name of that stranger who started talking to us from nothing,
But we cannot forget an unrequited love that was genuine and real.

You go through each of these lines,
As I walk every point of the beautiful curve I call "your smile",
Resisting every push to feel your presence,
Hearing your violet voice, finding that pair of emerald in your look.

Gigantesca is the indifference that separates us today
Which leads us to look for good in different ways
We were on different pages of different books
Looking for a path in that inert silence.

Incipient your violet voice is heard in that murmur of people,
My mind recognizes her and delirious my soul has,
With my heart racing and breathing starting to fail,
Paint green and the violet who struggles with me to reason.

However, time will wreak havoc,
In feeling in these few months found
There will be no day that I don't get excited to hear your voice every morning
Although it is an ephemeral emotion that distance dissipates.

Assimilating every moment of this beautiful fleeting moment,
Knowing that it will not be repeated,
You don't fall in love in the same way no matter how much you want it,
Asked how to endure so many days so many months
Shortages of an unrequited love of an inveterate lover who does not know how to forget.

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