Out of the Box #20: Eco-Village & Global Community Living News

onsolidating our energy towards a global network of steem-based eco-communities remains a clear priority for @ecotrain. Out of the Box deliberately and consciously curates those posts, blogs & vlogs which speak to the issues, challenges and needs of community living and the emerging steem eco-communities around the world.

@ecotrain is a global steem community gathered around the concept of natural giving, living in harmony with other Earth and actively making our world a better place. We engage around sustainability, community, self-sufficiency, off-grid living, eco-green, permaculture, the glories of Mother Earth, inner transformation, alternative energy, earthships & earth building, recycling - in short, all the practical and conceptual underpinnings of paradigm shift.

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[ecoVillage Journal #11: €30,000 natural giving donation by an anonymous

Hold a pure vision with clear, strong, happy heart and manifestation is
easy. And so it is! Wonderful natural giving news for the
Portugal team this week, after an apparent set back cleared the way for
something better to manifest. Amazing generosity of spirit in our Steem



[E#4 money - The Discomfort-Zone

In episode #4 of his weekly podcast series, @orlev talks about money:
what is it and how will-does the eco-village deal with it?

Read More:


[Is it Self Care or Just Self Centered? Should We be Moving Back to

Asking great questions is something of an @ecotrain hallmark.
@minismallholding doesn't disappoint with this great question: when does
self-care become introverted and selfish, and should we be talking about
community care?



[Ecovillage in the

After some initial pruning and a reforming of the core community,
@frejafri shares the new Vision Statement for the Friskoven Eco
Village. Exciting shifts and much new growth.



[Mazunte Deposit Build - Creating Conditions to Work and

Getting the essential started first - basic bathrooms and a place to
cook! @stortebeker shares the delightful beginnings of community in
Mazunte on the Oaxacan coast.


As the eco-village project in Portugal begins its manifestation,
@eco-alex has generously offered a 4 week FREE Non Violent Communication
workshop to draw people to higher levels of relating and understanding.
So much incredible learning and growing to be had... please join in!

[Non Violent Communication Workshop

[Non Violent Communication Workshop 2: Identifying Feelings When
Speaking and

[Non Violent Communication Workshop 3: Identifying Feelings When
Speaking and

Please don't forget to use the tags #ecotrain and #nvc and to post you
url in the comments of any relevant NVC post.

AND we'd love you to share your post to twitter using the tags #steem
#ecotrain and #nvc and then invite you to post the twitter url back into
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the wy!

The Ecotrain Question of the Week is one way that we, as a digital
community, engage and share, learn and inform about *things that
matter*. The QOTW is open to anyone, and this week's question is
related to our companions here on Mother Earth - our animal friends.

[🌍 ecoTrain QOTW: "What's the smartest thing you've seen an animal do?"

ANYone can contribute!! Let us know your post URL in the comments of
the Launch Post ^^ so we can upvote, comment, engage, support and curate
you in our Tie Up Post. **This QOTW, Season 3, Number 6, closes
Wednesday 12th February!** You have plenty of time to post!!!

The Steem Community of Thought grows and evolves as we grapple with some
of the challenges of life.

And FINALLY the ECO coin is backon salee investors wit a heart and alignment with Eco-Village. Just a reminder
of how ECO is different, and how we propose to create value.

[What is ecoVillage Coin, what makes it different, the investment model,
Is now the best time to

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of eco-community.

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