ecoTrain QOTW: Are you worried about Coronavirus, and what are you doing differently (if anything) since you heard about it?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all in good health ;-)You know, sometimes I think the News programs should begin with a health warning, or some kind of warning before they start. Something like, "Warning, the information you are about to receive is completed biased, based on wild exaggeration, misrepresentation of figures, fear and manipulation, and serve to meet our own objectives rather than to inform you of the truth." Maybe one day they will give us the facts and figures in a way that isn't designed to scare us into not moving. Now,. don't get me wrong, telling be the facts and advising them how to be safer is not a bad thing. Nor is suggesting people in high risk areas take extra precautions. The issue is, when one person has the Coronavirus, and then the next day one more person gets it, the media like to report a 100% increase in infection rather than one more person got it. Do you see what i mean!?

So, with all the fuss and worry going on in almost everyone’s minds, or so it seems, this week's QOTW asks YOU what you feel about it. Are you worried about getting infected with Coronavirus? Have you made any changes to your daily life or plans because of it? Maybe you are going on Holiday soon and are considering changing your plans, or maybe you really don't think the risk of getting it is significant enough to do so. Maybe you know someone who as gotten it? SO far I do not know of anyone in my circles that has been infected with it.

I will be travelling to Portugal next week, very exciting stuff! I will be travelling through various high risk zones, so they say. I have to admit, I am a little but worried, but not too much. I think im more concerned with being stopped and subsequently quarantined for however long the authorities deem it necessary... but even that fear is probably highly unlikely to manifest. Remember, every day millions of people are travelling around the world, but almost none of them are being quarantined! I don’t think ill wear a mask, even though many people do I read its not a good idea unless you are ill yourself.. Nevertheless masks are selling like hotcakes, so much so that supplies are having to be limited so that they can be directed to hospitals and not misinformed people. I say misinformed because wearing a mask in a humid or damp location can cause viruses to 'stick' to it, and can actually make things worse. ..

So I look forward to reading your thoughts on this, and related topics of course! Feel free to talk about the Media as much as your own concerns. Share a story if you have one, maybe your children’s schools are going to close, or you've noticed some other changes!? .. but most importantly let us know If yOu Are WOrried?!


"Q. Are you worried about Coronavirus, and what are you doing differently (if anything) since you heard about it?"

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Comments 16

Not worried about the "virus" worried about what the government's will do.

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02.03.2020 04:26


02.03.2020 22:57

LOTS to say about this one.... making lemonade!! 🤣🍋

02.03.2020 04:30

It's kind of funny how corona turned people into mindless zombies and none of them were infected ...
Many people do not even know how the disease progresses, but through the scare tactics of the media, they assume that it is very deadly. In 80% of cases, the disease progresses in the same way as a cold and the other 20% are probably old people with pre-existing conditions. Here in Germany there is almost no news about the flu, although we have had 100,000 cases of flu and it is not over yet but nobody is talking about it ...

02.03.2020 11:18

Wrong, not probably old people.
This virus is airborne so there's no need to cough first to get it. It's in the air and waits for you to die.
It looks as if the auto immune system is not beating it you can get it twice or who knows what is negative will be "suddenly" positive after the test. It might not be strong enough to kill many but isn't it interesting how it keeps spreading and weakening the population?

There's no news in Germany because you live in Germany and the flu is not hot news because "only the old and weak" have it.

Believe me there are way more with this virus as we know and are told.

No one turned into a zombie where I live, no one seems to think one day or option further as usually. That's the great thing about living in a western country. Not taking responsibility for your own deeds. If something goes wrong you blame the government, the one who was the first known victim in your country or the Chinese who developed it in a lab.

It's not different from the plague in the middle aged, we blamed the rats but dirty people spread it. It's the dame this time.

This virus reminds me of the hiv-virus, I'm sure this one will change too. It's s great thing viruses do.... Changing fast.

Scare tactics of the media? I cannot say that. It's more the media is covering up what is really going on...I guess that depends on which media/government and country too. Stay healthy. 💕

04.03.2020 03:38

I may use your words: wrong

A virus can't fly by itself because a virus doesn't have wings.
The virus needs a carrier substance with which it moves, i.e. droplets that are produced when coughing and sneezing. These can of course also be smeared on objects.
But a virus does not lurk in the air for victims...

People believe the media that scream the loudest, but these are also the most unreliable, the ones who make money by panicking and whose "factual" articles are only based on clickbait.
Yesterday I saw on the homepage of a newspaper that they just pick out parts that virologists say and make them sound as horrible as possible.
Yes, 60-70% will get the disease (as with a cold virus too), but the newspaper left out the period of time they talked about and directly below it a video with the title: Corona is more deadly than the flu - this is what the virus does to your body!
And that's the kind of garbage people parrot. Sources are never questioned.

The fact that one can be infected several times is probably due to the fact that people with an illness that has not been cured had a relapse and went to another hospital, where they were naturally considered newly infected.

Here is a great site with some statistics from all countries. How meaningful the respective countries are is of course another question. For example, in the Hubei region in China many people with fever are classified as infected with corona, which is why the number of infected people increased tenfold. So many other diseases are lumped together.
South Korea provides more reliable figures.

I just wish people would use more reliable sources instead of "I heard that..."

People with suspicions about Corona are so scared by the media, that they run wild and spread the virus. Not to mention that these people can't seem to be doing too badly when they are so active...

04.03.2020 06:03

Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken Miner ein Upvote von @sebescen81 alt-Text
Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

04.03.2020 06:19

I doubt if media scream out the loudest. There's for at least 50 years no objective media. Governments use it to brainwash people or make them believe what they want them to believe.
Thanks for taking the time answering and the link (do not believe everything published on the internet). 👍💕

04.03.2020 07:50

That's why I trust more in science, even if this information always gets lost or is taken out of context and thus misrepresented in order to earn more money ...

But lets hope for the best for the time ahead.

04.03.2020 11:14

I hope science is not covering it up either. Fingers crossed it will be over in a few months. Enjoy your day. 💕

04.03.2020 18:55

It is vital to boost your immune system with nutrient supplements such as fish oil, vitamin c, d2, b6 and b12.

03.03.2020 02:43

Slowly I get, not because of me but because it's spreading faster as I expected and I can't help thinking why people are so stupid to keep spreading it "need" to be there.

04.03.2020 03:27

My entry.

I do not understand where more to leave a link but I think this or using the hive should be enough. What is the benefit of a hive if you need to leave your link at different places as well? It's hardly done if it takes 15 minutes to load a site. 🙁
Happy day.

04.03.2020 07:22