Investigating a Test net HIVE Witness

It is our intention to run a witness on the new fork, we will keep an eye on the original STEEM chain and manage those assets accordingly as well. We are discussing with the members of the fund the right moves for each project. For us, it is and always has been to serve as a bridge between users and developers and the best technologies possible.

From latest CoinDesk article on the fork

We are watching out for the public testnet, and will be publishing the logs of whatever we get into or up to. We will continue to build, we will continue to honor the INCOME token, and we will continue to strategically and synergistically invest in communities, project builders and actual use cases.

Our Fund will also immediately begin working on an HPS proposal that will include funding for Hive-as-a-service products for users and developers. We will continue to bring up our suggestions for DPoS governance, including a key change expressed here by @rycharde.

We will continue to watch the STEEM chain, and manage any assets left behind.

This is not advice, it is History. Do your own Homework.

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Thanks for this @ecoinstats.

It is great to see the back end being tended to in such a manner. This is going to be the foundation upon which our greatness will be built upon.

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18.03.2020 13:09