EPC token and the (non-existant) best divs around

There have been a lot of selling of EPC token lately. The reason?

No DIVS for days.

This is one of the best paying div tokens, incredibly risky of course, backed by the dice site epicdice.io.

Because it can pay so well, the price of this token is usually much higher. The best time to buy it is when it hasn't paid dividends for a few days in a row, and people are getting restless.

Like right now

Currently the listed buy price is the lowest it has been since December 2019, and if we get one or two more days without divs, we may break down even further, as we see in early December on the graph above.

This is not investment advice. This is our story.

The fund already has a comfortable position in EPC token, listed at 15th on the richlist for that token.

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Do you believe the divs will start up again soon? It's all dependent on how much people are paying & playing, right?

12.02.2020 01:25

That's exactly right! It is completely risky, and the historical flight of magicdice keeps these types of tokens priced very attractively.

We did get a taste today, relatively low but a dopamine hit nonetheless:

12.02.2020 16:21

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