#BUILDBETTER CONTEST - 728 SBI + 500 MAXUV GRAND PRIZE POOL plus 100 SBI given out this week to support BUILDERS - New OPEN week starting NOW!

Only 10 short days ago we opened up another week of the #buildbetter contest. Today, we'll do it again. I have tried to simplify the rules and bring everything up to date in this post.

Read the latest episode of What sort of projects are being built on #STEEM?

While attempting to document my adventures with bamboo, I continue to seek out people and projects to come and nominate what they are doing or projects they enjoy in my contest. Why would I do this? I am an 'investor' and 'user' of STEEM, and I believe that the future of our blockchain depends on what gets built on it.


Along with more participants, we also have another sponsor of this contest: MAP FinTech's crown jewel: MAXUV!

MAXUV is the only universal vote bond on #STEEM. Designed and managed by MAP FinTech, it delivers higher than average upvotes plus other bonus benefits. With no lock-ins, there is no powering down, no unstaking, no waiting; just buy the tokens, enjoy the votes, maybe even win some random prizes, then sell them if you really have to! Enjoy a more rewarding experience on STEEM with MAXUV!


These vote bonds complement our Grand Prize Pool extremely well, and we are incredibly happy to announce this new sponsor to our contest!

This is a contest about supporting those things that are being built on STEEM through transparent technology!

Leer las normas en español


This weeks theme is 'Don't Get left Behind!'

What I want to see from each nomination is ONE something that is being built on STEEM or is using STEEM in some fashion in their model. This something might be a organization, company, application, community and/or project that you believe deserves constant and continual support on STEEM.

Important Rule: Please do not repeat your own recommendation from the previous weeks. New participants can repeat nominations.

Please try to include:
WHO - Who is the team behind the project?
WHAT - What are they doing?
WHERE - Geographical location if appropriate, but also digital location - please provide relevant links to where more information is located.
WHY - Why are you nominating this project?
HOW - By what methods is all this being done?

I call this a 'contest', but the truth is closer to a job or a task or a bounty.

We seek to know about what is being built on our blockchain!

The bounty: Nominators and nominations will receive continual support by means of SBI units. Steem Basic Income is a mechanism for providing Basic Income Level support, which is more important than ever now that the EIP has curved the rewards toward content with more substantial votes.

SBI is a post frequency agnostic way of delivering support for projects, and I am working on a video tutorial series all about how to use it!


This week we have another fantastic group of nomninations, with 13 new projects being added to the master list!

This week's winners:

User Project Rank
@fitinfun @steemitmamas 3+
@freedompoint @innerblocks 3+
@muscara @needleworkmonday 3+
@arkmy @mayvileros 3+
@cooperfelix @cooperfelix 3
@jurich60 @plankton.token 3
@stever82 @contestkings 3
@cooltivar @omnesplantae 3
@cadawg @cadawg 3
@rycharde @accelerator 3
@chrismadcboy2016 / @maxwellmarcusart @doer-minnows 2+
@chris94 @steemitasclub 2+
@philippekiene @radaquest 2
@giftgiver @giftgiver 2
@sacra97 @radiosteemit 2
@pennsif @pennsif 1
@club12 @club12 1

The Open Nomination period continues (For at least 2 more weeks!) while the list of projects being built on STEEM, and the prize pool, grow. Rank 3 answers will win the most support for themselves and their projects, while selected Rank 1 answers will only win small support for the projects themselves. All prizes are distributed at my sole discretion. Additional comments of support for the best answers can help the project earn more SBI.

The competition for the Grand Prize will start soon, and at that point, only master listed projects will be eligible to enter!

Remember: I like complete sentences and complete thoughts and links and discussion and passion! Let me know what you are building or what your friends are building or what you think is really cool that is being built.

Come and win support for yourself and others!



Winners W0 W1 W2 W3 W4
@hobo.media / @hobo.fund 1 - - 1 -
@phoenixwren 1 2 3 - -
@yonnathang 1 2 3 1 -
@angelica7 1 - - -
@chireerocks 1 - - - -
@ckole 1 - - - -
@rakkasan84 - 2 - - -
@thehive - 2 - - -
@isarmoewe - 1 - - -
@improv - 2 - - -
@fitinfun - 2 - 1 2
@snook - - 1 1 -
@davedickeyyall - - 1 - -
@steemitasclub - - - 2 -
@arkmy - - - 2 2
@wiriwiri - - - 2 -
@novacadian - - - 2 -
@sacra97 - - - 1 2
@karmadorje - - - 1 -
@mayvileros - - - 1 -
@cleanplanet - - - 1 -
@mykos - - - 1 -
@freedompoint - - - - 2
@muscara - - - - 2
@cooperfelix - - - - 2
@jurich60 - - - - 2
@stever82 - - - - 2
@cooltivar - - - - 2
@cadawg - - - - 2
@rycharde - - - - 2
@chrismadcboy2016 - - - - 2
@chris94 - - - - 2
@maxwellmarcusart - - - - 2
@philippekiene - - - - 1
@giftgiver - - - - 1

Master Project List W1 W2 W3 W4
@quintaesencia 38 44 56 67
@shadow3scalpel 6 - - -
@freewritehouse 10 5 - -
@thehive 5 - - -
@giphy 1 - - -
@solairitas 5 - - -
@communitycharge 1 - - -
@giftgiver 1 - - 2
@yonnathang 5 7 - -
@schoolforsdg4 - 10 - -
@yeceniacarolina - 10 - -
@spinvest - 5 - -
@reggaesteem - 2 - -
@surpassinggoogle - 2 - -
@steemitasclub - - 20 5
@radaquest - - 4 2
@dlux-io - - 4 -
@radiosteemit - - 10 2
@team-mexico - - 2 -
@erarium - - 2 -
@mayvileros - - 2 7
@heyhaveyamet - - 2 -
@cleanplanet - - 2 -
@vimm - - 2 -
@hobo.media - - 2 -
@mykos - - 2 -
@build-it.assist - - 1 -
@carrieallen - - 1 -
@club12 - - - 1
@pennsif - - - 1
@doer-minnows - - - 5
@accelerator - - - 4
@cadawag - - - 4
@omnesplantae - - - 4
@contestkings - - - 4
@plankton.token - - - 4
@cooperfelix - - - 4
@needleworkmonday - - - 7
@innerblocks - - - 7
@steemitmamas - - - 7


Current Grand Prize Pool (guarded by a wizard):


628 SBI + 100 SBI from sponsor @improv = 728 SBI + 500 MAXUV tokens from sponsor @maxuv!

Our Master list of projects keeps growing, and I am very happy with the progress. Though there are a few weeks left, I am going to predict that some will wish they had nominated when they had a chance! The chance is now - scour our blockchain and find the great things that are being built!

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03.10.2019 20:41

Thanks! 😁😎

Aww shucks, you got the wrong @cadawg bud (transfer memo). @cadawag 😂

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03.10.2019 20:57

Ah! thank you I will fix this!

03.10.2019 21:13

No problem. Didn't realise I was getting myself in for a chance at SBI. People told me to enter so I didn LOL. I've been collecting SBIs today, so mega thanks!

03.10.2019 21:15

Very cool you did this glad @contestkings got some support.

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03.10.2019 21:21

Yes me too, now go ahead and nominate another project you love on Steem! And get all the friends from contestkings out to show some support!

03.10.2019 22:41

Hello @ecoinstant , whist doing research for Colombia, you kept popping up here. Are you on discord? I will be leaving Peru to head to Colombia at the end of this month. I am looking to reach out to Steemians on the way up.

Great projects I see you have ongoing on Steem and within your local community in Colombia.

03.10.2019 21:56

I am on discord - I'm a mod on sbi discord if you are looking too find me. We are in Tolima, there is not a lot of surfing here, but we sure enjoy it! 😅

03.10.2019 22:39

Thank you so much for the support and adding us to the Master Project List!

03.10.2019 22:25

I hope your community is ready to chase the grand prize come November!

03.10.2019 22:40

I was trying to research how we are to do that. Do you have rules/directions on how to receive the grand prize listed yet? 🤩

Thanks, @crosheille ~

04.10.2019 00:48

Not yet, but I can tell you it will involve community participation, and possibly taking some pictures!

04.10.2019 12:56

Okay awesome! Thank you! 👌🏽

04.10.2019 19:04

Nice work!

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03.10.2019 22:38

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04.10.2019 18:25

Hello there Steemers!! 👋👋👋
Hope you're all doing great, and still BUILDING BETTER
Am so grateful to @ecoinstant for another chance to help the steemians build a stronger network together...

LONG LIVE + PROSPER @ecoinstant

This is my 2nd participation, and this time round:

I nominate:



The man behind this amazing project (also an early wealth creation opportunity) is @ecoinstant and the eco team


They are assisting the steemers (me included) who want to passively grow their SBI units.
Steem Basic Income units allow INCOME to grow both of these organically, rewarding token holders with both more votes as well as long term growth.


Income token is a Universal project and anywhere you are, they are there.
The tokens can be purchased at:


If you are still here, let me tell you a bit more about why I think INCOME will be a value-adding token to holders.

  1. Growth Focus
  2. Minnow Skew
  3. Long-term commitment of the founder

For more information Click here


The team draws multiple prizes daily, and cap each account at one win per day, they skew the probability in favor of small holders during the later draws.
If you consider adding some INCOME to your portfolio!
Here's a link to the Steem-Engine Market

To view my previous participation click on this link for more information:


04.10.2019 19:06

Thank you for using the #build-it tag. We have rewarded this post from our @build-it.curator account with BUILD tokens in the form of an upvote.

Build-it is a central hub for DIY and How-To projects. It's an opportunity to find and share the latest in DIY, and How-To tutorials. The recommended tags required when creating a DIY article are #diy, #build-it. #how-to, or #doityourself. Please read our guide

Need help? Live technical support on Discord or Telegram

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This project is run and supported by our witness @gulfwaves.net. If you like what we do, click here to vote for us

04.10.2019 19:30

Thank you so much for this opportunity to help support projects that are being built upon and that are bringing life and enrichment to this platform.

What: Home Educators Community for Homeschooling and Unschooling Families

Official account: @homeedders

Who: @minismallholding

Where: International

Why: There are several home education families here on Steemit including myself. I am passionate about what I do and have written about it since being on Steemit in 2016. Now there is an actual account for us to mingle and share upon. This account was created to bring us all together to help, support and encourage one another as home educators. There is a need for this support system especially since it is not yet widely excepted and can be challenging at times. We are now able to share tips, give guidance and advice, recommend resources and learning materials as well as programs and learning tools. It is very encouraging hearing the stories of other families and how they have made this type of lifestyle work for their family. It’s encouraging in general to know there are others out there that are passionate about teaching their children at home. When people feel supported and find their niche they are more likely to stick around. I think having this community will help home educating families feel more comfortable and willing to post about their experiences.

How: Currently we are growing our community and getting to know one another in our Discord sever setup by @minismallholding. We are sharing our resources and tools there. We just finished our first Challenge that rewarded Steem to the winners and look forward to doing more. Those accounts that use the homeschooling and unschooling tags have been Upvoted and Resteemed to the account. We encourage members of our discord server to promote their posts there as well.

We all are really excited to have this up and running and look forward to seeing where this goes. Right now, just having the space to chat and mingle has been really amazing!

We are sharing life and helping each other along the way. Having the extra support to grow this community would be totally appreciated!

Thank you ~

04.10.2019 19:45

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06.10.2019 00:28

This week, I nominate @qurator for this contest in the category of “Don't Get left Behind!” This is a great place to get support when you are starting out on STEEM and thereafter.

WHO is the team behind @qurator?

@scrooger is the STEEMer who started qurator. He is supported by:

What does @qurator do?

You can apply for membership in @qurator after you have been posting on STEEM for a few weeks and have a bit of a track record with your posts. When you apply for membership, a @qurator mod will manually review your work, and let you in if you are posting good posts. If they do not approve you, you can request a review and they will help you do better.

You can find out how to access the group here:


Once you are in, you will get one good upvote on your first post of each day. By delegating or paying a monthly fee, you can get a bigger daily upvote too.

You also have a chance for your blog or one of your posts to be featured on any of their roundup and spotlight posts published throughout each week.

The @qurator discord room has news and information to check. There is also a place to promote your work to other members who also put their links there. In that spot, you need to comment and vote for someone else before you drop your own link and this is very helpful in making friends and connections on STEEM.

Qurator has weekly and occasional contests for both members and non-members. These give excellent upvotes if you win, and sometimes pays in their Q token as well. If you hold the token, you will also get a daily STEEM dividend to your wallet.

WHERE is @qurator?

@qurator is one of the largest groups on STEEM and has members from all over the world.

WHY I recommend @qurator.

I joined @qurator soon after I joined STEEM and recommend it for all new people here. It is a reliable place to get encouragement, connections and upvotes when all of those are hard to come by for new bloggers here.

HOW does @qurator do what it does?

I really like that @qurator has so many mods and takes the time to manually look at the work. They are not supporting people who do not make good posts and do support those of us who are.

Thank you once again for this great contest and idea, @ecoinstant. I'm glad to have a place to recommend the groups I believe in and find out about others I do not know about at the same time.

08.10.2019 13:15

Awwww, thank you, @fitinfun... Good of you to nominate Qurator!

09.10.2019 04:14

I'm very glad to nominate @qurator, @ackhoo. I was surprised you were not already here with how much help you give to so many.

09.10.2019 04:56

Beautiful initiative! As a lover of greenery and plants I wanted to support the @Omnesplantae project, a great project that encompasses many others and seems to deserve!

09.10.2019 12:46

I nominate for theme "Don't Get left behind!" @cooperfelix, The Cooperfelix- Multiservices Project.
Three expert and enterprising young men (18-35), one of whose is @paololuffy91.

The CooperFelix - Multiservices Project originates from an entrepreneurial idea that aims to sensitize people through a well-structured advertising campaign of a product or a service, developing in this way a mechanism of circular economy definitely advantageous and eco-sustainable for the community. The CooperFelix - Multiservices Cooperative Society prefers an ethical based on the concept of eco-sustainability and recycling of waste material, and proposes to provide multiple and various services in the field of maintenance of green areas and in the civil and indutsrial cleaning.

Italy , in particular in the Campania Region, Southern Italy, in the town Mondragone.

Because the main objective of this Project is to promote the concept of eco-sustainability within the social fabric, establishing virtuous economic-social mechanism that facilitate the creation of a circular economy in the community.

The CooperFelix intends to provide 100% biologic product, obtained from a natural bio-degradation process without the addition of chemial additives that accelerate fermentation. The composting process adopted by The CooperFelix will take place in particular containers called composter and in open environment in contact with nature that will favor fermentation and which will facilitate the action of bacterial microorganism.

I appreciate very much The CooperFelix- Multiservices Project.
Thank you for this important Contest!!!

10.10.2019 08:48

Great project...

10.10.2019 09:13

I nominate for Don't Get left behind @cooperfelix
Cooperfelix- Multiservices Project.


Creation of a company with a cooperative statute, managed by young Italians aged between 18 and 35 years, between them @paololuffy91.


The company deals with maintenance of green areas (gardening in general) with the peculiarity of offering the disposal service of the vegetable fraction transforming it into quality compost.


Mondragone - Campania - Italy


A green company that intends to encourage people to properly dispose of garden waste, avoiding the creation of fires of various kinds that are harmful to environment and people.


In addition to favoring other very important environmental aspects, they aim to encourage the growth of an environmental culture among people and to give ever greater visibility to organic farming by providing ourselves with 100% natural fertilizer to consortium and private individuals.

10.10.2019 18:12