#BUILDBETTER CONTEST - 630 STEEM GRAND PRIZE POOL AND MANY SBI given out this week to support BUILDERS New OPEN week starting NOW!

It has been a tough week, but another one is just starting!

Apart from trying to include #STEEM in my life, I am also building a home and running a small business. We are transitioning from the dry hot summer to the cool, never stop raining season of equatorial Fall. Today we plastered over some electrical installation.


Now what's going on with #STEEM? I'll tell you - every 3 seconds there is another block filled with content, some of it written word, some of it url links, some of it custom json operations. It is currently cheap and easy to get your content into #STEEM's blocks; the barriers to entry have never been lower.

What are you building or what are you supporting that is being built?

This is a contest about supporting those things that are being built on STEEM!

Leer las normas en español


This weeks theme is 'BUILDERS'

Participants please respond in a comment or post detailing ONE organization, company, application, community and/or project built on STEEM, locking up STEEM POWER, that you believe meets the theme of this weeks contest.

Important Rule: Please do not repeat your own recommendation from the previous weeks. New participants can repeat nominations.

Please include:
WHO - Who is the team behind the project?
WHAT - What are they doing?
WHERE - Geographical location if appropriate, but also digital location - please provide relevant links to where more information is located.
WHY - Why are you nominating this project? See also: 'So what?'
HOW - By what methods is all this being done?

This contest is currently open for all participants to earn weekly prizes of SBI for themselves and the projects they most support.


After talking to some of my friends around the blockchain I am happy to report an increase in activity this week, as well as understanding of the norms.

This week's winners:

User Project Rank
@steemitasclub @steemitasclub 3+
@arkmy / @wiriwiri @radaquest 3
@novacadian @dlux-io 3
@sacra97 @steemitradio 2+
@yonnathang @team-mexico 2
@karmadorje @erarium 2
@mayvileros @mayvileros 2
@fitinfun @heyhaveyamet 2
@cleanplanet @cleanplanet 2
@snook @vimm 2
@hobo.fund @hobo.media 2
@mykos @mykos 2
@build-it.assist @build-it.assist 1
@simgirl @carrieallen 1

We will continue this Open Nomination period while the list of projects being built on STEEM, and the prize pool, grow. (For at least 3 more weeks) Rank 3 answers will win the most support for themselves and their projects, while selected Rank 1 answers will only win small support for the projects themselves. All prizes are distributed at my sole discretion. Additional comments of support for the best answers can help the project earn more SBI.

Later, we will begin the competition for the grand prize, and only master listed projects will be eligible to enter!

Remember: I like complete sentences and complete thoughts and links and discussion and passion! Let me know what you are building or what your friends are building or what you think is really cool that is being built.

Come and win support for yourself and others!



Winners W0 W1 W2 W3
@hobo.media / @hobo.fund 1 - - 1
@phoenixwren 1 2 3 -
@yonnathang 1 2 3 1
@angelica7 1 - -
@chireerocks 1 - - -
@ckole 1 - - -
@rakkasan84 - 2 - -
@thehive - 2 - -
@isarmoewe - 1 - -
@improv - 2 - -
@fitinfun - 2 - 1
@snook - - 1 1
@davedickeyyall - - 1 -
@steemitasclub - - - 2
@arkmy - - - 2
@wiriwiri - - - 2
@novacadian - - - 2
@sacra97 - - - 1
@karmadorje - - - 1
@mayvileros - - - 1
@cleanplanet - - - 1
@mykos - - - 1

Master Project List W1 W2 W3
@quintaesencia 38 44 56
@shadow3scalpel 6 - -
@freewritehouse 10 5 -
@thehive 5 - -
@giphy 1 - -
@solairitas 5 - -
@communitycharge 1 - -
@giftgiver 1 - -
@yonnathang 5 7 -
@schoolforsdg4 - 10 -
@yeceniacarolina - 10 -
@spinvest - 5 -
@reggaesteem - 2 -
@surpassinggoogle - 2 -
@steemitasclub - - 20
@radaquest - - 4
@dlux-io - - 4 @radiosteemit - - 10
@team-mexico - - 2
@erarium - - 2
@mayvileros - - 2
@heyhaveyamet - - 2
@cleanplanet - - 2
@vimm - - 2
@hobo.media - - 2
@mykos - - 2
@build-it.assist - - 1
@carrieallen - - 1

Current Grand Prize Pool (kept in @ecoinstar):


530 SBI + 100 SBI from Sponsor @improv = 630 SBI!

Our Master list of projects continues to grow with some really great additions this week. When I have more time I will be posting more about projects that I have found interesting. I do try to look into every project, and I am happy to say that I have learned of new things I hadn't heard of before!

As we will have at least a few more weeks of open registration, I would encourage all participants to make sure that all of their favorite projects make the master list. The Prize Pool will only continue to sweeten, of that I can assure you!

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Thanks for your 200.09SP to team-cn ! Your post has earned 10% team-cn upvotes!

24.09.2019 00:46

@ecoinstant, thank you very much for your support!! 💜

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24.09.2019 00:58

New recommendation:

Who: @mermaidvampire and @cadawg
What: Plankton Token Community
Official account @plankton.token
Where: Asia and UK
Why: Am sharing the goodness of being a plankton token holder for it benefitted my as being a plankton here in by having rewarded daily steem

How: It helps by...free account creation with 10SP delegation. Interactive support for newbie, questions in their Discord server. Daily upvotes. Daily steem rewards for holding their token. They provide information about trading steem and other tokens.

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24.09.2019 01:27

My recommendation seems I am newly in the contest:

Who: @johndoer123 and @cicisaja
What: @doer-minnows project
Official account @doer-minnows
Where: Asia and UK
Why: I love the doer project, to help the small fish and together reach the minnow hood.
How: doer project hunting 200 and 400 SP and just needed a shove to get them over 500. The faith steemians who made wonderful posts daily, doer-minnows projects need active users to post daily and Stake the power-up, not money thinkers. They posted regularly and engaged the community.

24.09.2019 02:49

Thanks for the recommendation .. @doer-minnows is small but give a great influence to support others.

24.09.2019 06:53

Yes, Indeed @cicisaja I am the biggest fun of the @doer-minnows project.

24.09.2019 07:07

This is an awesome contest @ecoinstant! Thank you for doing your part to help support our awesome community! @chrismadcboy2016 thanks for recommending us to help us get going again and to help us grow. You are simply amazing!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗......hugs for everyone involved!!!

24.09.2019 12:15

It is my duty to help the community grow brother @johndoer123

24.09.2019 12:55

Wow @ecoinstant, you're doing good work all over the blockchain, Awesome. 👍

The Project I would like to nominate is @radaquest.

Radaquest is an up and coming game being built on the Steem blockchain. It is currently a work in progress, but I am sure they would benefit from a boost to help them fund and develop the concept.
Radaquest have a token called Taruk which can be found on Steem-Engine. The current purpose of the token is to help fund development. However, in the future, the tokens can also be used for in-game purchases like card packs.

@marcosdk is the man behind the project.

Radaquest is a Trading Card game based on the fantasy novel written by @marcosdk. It is a real-time strategy game where players will collect and trade cards, collect resources, construct buildings and battle other players to progress through the game.


  • The game will run on the Steem blockchain
  • You can find their website here
  • The Taruk token can be found here (taruk is the first token of the radaquest game)
  • Their white paper is also on the steem blockchain

I Chose to nominate this project as it is only new and we have seen the power Splinterlands has had on the blockchain, hopefully this will also encourage more games and developers to build on the steem blockchain.

Also, as far as I am aware Marco is currently working on this project solo. Being a father myself I know how hard it can be to balance work/ family. I can't even imagine throwing game development into the mix also.

Providing financial support should help bring the release date forward, while also lightening the workload allowing Marco to focus of the more improtant details. I am excited about having more games on the blockchain, so I have already invest into the game also.

Currently people can help fund the development by either buying artwork, or buying and staking Taruk.
In the future, money will also be raised through the sale of In game items and packs of cards.

As a member of @battlegames, I was lucky enough to stumble across and invest in Radaquest early. The game sounds promising and I am sure once more details surface, the game will gain more exposure, attracting more people to both the game and the Steem blockchain.

Thank you for supporting communities. While some people are still distracted by new steem and the downvotes, you guys are actually out there helping to to make the blockchain even better!

24.09.2019 05:43

Thank you for this nominate!

24.09.2019 14:57

Thank you so much!

24.09.2019 15:14

A fantastic choice for nomination!

24.09.2019 16:16

The project I would like to nominate @doer-minnors for this.

There this a growing community I know which is called @doer-minnors. Their main goal is to tutor, mentor and support new steemains to rise to minnors. The person behind this initiative is @johndoer123. They helped and supported me when I started out here as a newbie (after I lost my previous account @maxijgcomm) and today to I am close to a minnow in just few months.

The training is usually held in the discord channel which is called "The Den". They as well delegate some steem power to the minnows joins the community and are ready to stay on steemit for the long run.

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24.09.2019 06:54

This is an amazing idea!!

I would like to nominate Inner Blocks!!

WHO - The team is being headed up by @freedompoint and @freedomtowrite

WHAT - InnerBlocks is a community based in self reliance and wellness. Encouraging each individual to live their lives and be responsible for themselves, and build themselves one block at a time. @innerblocks

WHERE - Inner Blocks is based in the United States, but functions around the world.

WHY - I nominate this project because I believe in what it is doing. Each day we have the opportunity to make something happen...Inner Blocks is making things happen!

HOW - This project is being done through the support of the community. It is being driven by a grassroots understanding of the possibilities that Inner Blocks can bring.

24.09.2019 14:34

Yeah, definitely like the way these people think!

= Vote

24.09.2019 20:40

Thank you for chiming in Jack!

25.09.2019 02:11

I have been prodded several times to join this contest. It's a great initiative, I'm just reticent putting myself forward - unless you've ever had an opinionated chat with me online! ;-) So, here goes, and thanks to @ecoinstant for the opportunity.

Who: me, @rycharde (with a little help from a very small group of friends).
The MAP FinTech vote bonds currently consist of three programs: @MAPX (the first experiment), @MAPXV (our most profitable vote bond) and @MAXUV (our open-ended major innovation).
If there is to be one lead project, then it should be @MAXUV.

What: Vote bonds are tradeable tokens that entitle the holder to upvotes, the precise details of which depend on the program, but all are designed so that the upvote received is larger than could be generated from the value of that token being one's own SP. The beauty is that the tokens can easily be bought and sold and income from the overall fund is powered-up as SP, thereby growing both the capital base and the vote values. This is especially important now as (almost) everyone is adjusting to much lower rewards.

Where: The management and posting accounts are on Steem and the tokens are on the Steem Engine DEX. For example, @MAXUV manages the MAXUV token.

Why: These programs are developments from the MAP Rewarder fund managed by @accelerator. MAPR was established in January 2018 and has been paying out profits for some 20 months - we don't even stop for hardforks!

The Steem blockchain is fundamentally a mathematical structure with logical connections and algorithmic functions. By understanding this structure, I have been able to generate above average returns for MAPR delegators. I am now using the same methods to generate income in a different way, combining high value upvotes with compounding the capital. All the funds are asset-backed so should I one day give up and become an anchorite, all funds will be distributed to token holders.

The aim is to help Steem creators improve their rewards while they do what they do best: create. You create the content, I create the rewards. Of course, there are many accounts with more SP than the MAXUV program, but it is open-ended so has no upper limit to the amount of SP it can handle. Indeed, its own voting algorithm only needs a few small tweaks at about 1 million SP.

Worth mentioning that this move into fintech started out as the MAP community, the legacy acronym used to mean the Minnows Accelerator Project, from way back in pre-history when there was little more than PAL helping Steemian. Although the means have morphed over time, from content curation to rewards management, the aim remains to make Steem as profitable as possible for all. Indeed, if the MAP community still existed, it would be loaded up with these vote-bonds so that it could distribute rewards to members, such as through using post beneficiaries.

So, what do users get? Higher upvotes than powering-up the same STEEM, an investment in a fund that power-up its profits, an increasing token priced backed by assets and the ability to sell those tokens without waiting 14 weeks to undelegate and then power-down.

How: Mathematics and proof of thinking. Oh, you mean how can Steemians participate? Go to @MAXUV and read the most recent weekly report.

Thanks for reading.

24.09.2019 15:58

@ecoinstant, I am putting my efforts into same projects so not repeating once again. Keep up the good work and will go through from the comments to know what i am missing in this Ecosystem. Stay blessed.

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24.09.2019 20:25

Thank you Chiree for your support! Many blessings!

25.09.2019 02:11

Welcome and thank you so much for your blessful response.

28.09.2019 13:46

Esta es una idea excelente, son pocas las comunidades o personas que apoyan a otros participantes, con tanto cariño, entusiasmo.

Yo tengo mi corazón dividido como lo dije en mi comentario anterior, tres comunidades son encantadoramente amables con esta servidora; ellas son @radiosteemit (@avellana) @steemfamilyhi (@lanzjoseg) y @radaquest(@marcosdk).

Mi casa más divertida y que me ha dejado muchísimo aprendizaje ha sido @radiosteemit, donde comparto en el discord con un espectacular equipo, que mantiene la música 24 horas funcionando.

La cabeza pensante, la persona que nos impulsa cada día a ser espectaculares, responsables y participativas es nuestra querida @avellana.

Por qué- @avellana nos comparte una ruta de retos, juegos, buenas lecturas y las mejores escrituras. Debemos mejorar con cada día.
Tenemos muchas frases que hemos vuelto como nuestras lemas, una de ellas es todos vamos a aprender. Y la frase que nos comparte la curadora del equipo la bella @marybellrg con el ¡Vamos por más!

Muchas veces no entendemos esto de los bloques, los token pero este equipo le encanta participar en los retos propuestos por @club12 @radiosteemit y @avellana

Donde- Básicamente la señal principal de @radiosteemit inicia desde España, pero también funcionan señales desde Venezuela y otras partes del mundo.

OMS- El equipo está representado por @avellana @radiosteemit.

Qué- @radiosteemit es una comunidad de 24 horas de buena música, lugar de tertulia, karaokes, juegos, charlas, entrevistas, retos. Todo participante que nos visita encuentra un lugar agradable, donde puede preguntar sus inquietudes. Y de vez en cuando compartimos un café y merienda.

CÓMO - Este proyecto se está realizando a través del apoyo de la comunidad y patrocinadores generosos a los que se les brinda propaganda a sus proyectos, es una participación de acompañamiento.

No somos locutoras pero este entrenamiento, este aprender haciendo es maravilloso, dejamos de ser individuos para ser una comunidad.

This is an excellent idea, there are few communities or people who support other participants, with such love, enthusiasm.

I have my heart divided as I said in my previous comment, three communities are charmingly friendly with this servant; they are @radiosteemit (@avellana) @steemfamilyhi (@lanzjoseg) and @radaquest (@marcosdk).

My most fun house that has left me a lot of learning has been @radiosteemit, where I share in the discord with a spectacular team, which keeps the music running 24 hours.

The thinking head, the person who drives us every day to be spectacular, responsible and participatory is our dear @avellana.

Why- @avellana shares a route of challenges, games, good readings and the best writings. We must improve with each day.

We have many phrases that we have returned as our slogans, one of them is we will all learn. And the phrase shared by the curator of the team, the beautiful @marybellrg with the ¡Vamos por más!

Many times we do not understand this of the blocks, the token but this team loves to participate in the challenges proposed by @club12 @radiosteemit and @avellana.

Where- Basically the main signal of @radiosteemit starts from Spain, but signals from Venezuela and other parts of the world also work.

WHO- The team is represented by @avellana @radiosteemit.

What- @radiosteemit is a 24-hour community of good music, gathering place, karaokes, games, talks, interviews, challenges. Every participant who visits us finds a pleasant place, where he can ask his questions. And from time to time we share a coffee and snack.

HOW - This project is being carried out through the support of the community and generous sponsors who are offered propaganda for their projects, it is an accompanying participation.

We are not announcers but this training, this learning by doing is wonderful, we stop being individuals to be a community.


Equipo de @RadioSteemit, Directora y productora General:@avellana

Para muestra una de sus actividades diarias: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@radiosteemit/programasenradiosteemit-entrevistaawiriwirienyoutube-uehnii8swu

Team of @RadioSteemit, Director and General Producer: @avellana

To show one of his daily activities: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@radiosteemit/programasenradiosteemit-entrevistaawiriwirienyoutube-uehnii8swu

Mis disculpas si la traducción no cumple con los estándares, se utilizó un traductor universal

My apologies if the translation does not meet the standards, a universal translator was used

24.09.2019 23:25

Hi, @ecoinstant!

Thank you for using the #build-it tag. This post has been rewarded with BUILD tokens in the form of an upvote.

Build-it is a new tribe on the steem blockchain that serves as a central hub for DIY and How-to's contents on steemit. The recommended tags required when creating a DIY artcle are #diy, #build-it. #how-to, or #doityourself. You'll get rewarded with BUILD tokens, which can also be exchanged for steem on steem-engine when you use any of the recommended tags as well as posting via our website.

We encourage steemians to post their DIY articles via our website. Have a question? Join us on Discord and telegram

This project is run and supported by our witness @gulfwaves.net. If you like what we do, vote for us as a witness on the steem blockchain

25.09.2019 01:16

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

25.09.2019 17:23

There's something better than a pot of gold at the end of this contest!


Tag your bestie and participate in this #BUILBETTER CONTEST for your chance to #WIN yourself Steem and a SBI shares for your steemit network.

Good luck

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25.09.2019 17:45

First, I'd like to thank @ecoinstar for letting me know about this.

Now, I'd like to nominate my own project, GiftGiver.
An explication from the site:

Giftgiver is an initiative to help the onboarding process on the STEEM blockchain. Many users might find it frustrating to run out of Resource Credits(RC) which prevents them from doing any actions on the chain. To help alleviate that, we provide users with a temporary delegation to help get them out of the the RC pit and get back to using the platform.

WHO - @rishi556 with the help of @sn0n

WHAT - @giftgiver, a site that helps users who run out of RC get some SP delegated to them for free to get more RC. https://giftgiver.me

WHERE - The steem blockchain(@giftgiver) and our website, https://giftgiver.me

WHY - I am the creator of it, and do hope that it is useful. But also running out of RC is a serious problem on the onboarding process of steem(as stated by steemit inc themselves on a post today). I don't want new users quitting steem because they can't interact with the chain. Instead I want people to be able to genuinely interact without having to worry about depleting their RC. There is a lot of people using it(check out https://giftgiver.me/postGenerator to see all users who are receiving a delegation at this point) and to them, it might be their only way of getting SP to interact. It is free after all.

HOW - All the power of code. All a user has to do is go to https://giftgiver.me, fill in their username, do the captcha(prevents bots) and hit submit. If everything was all good(not blacklisted and @giftgiver hasn't run out of SP) they get the delegation within seconds. There's manual review to make sure the account isn't spamming.

25.09.2019 21:32

Hello, I would like to recommend @contestkings. There is a team behind this account but the main people are @o07, @dkid14, and @PhilippeKiene. I am also a mod in the discord and just want to make sure you know that.

Contest Kings delivers reports listing contests that have been verified to have a guaranteed prize and No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow criteria for participants. They also support these posts with votes. This helps build accounts that giveaway prizes to anyone even brand new users. This also leads to accounts sticking around. I am an example of this. I went from a minnow not sure what I should be doing here. I am now a dolphin and a big reason I did my last big buy was to be move involved in supporting this group. They have involved many others to be part of this project. They also run a guild in steem monsters and are letting anyone join it that is willing to contribute to it. They have also created the Contest Kings Token doing big giveaways to help grow the account. Overall they are building a supportive group of people who love working together to both earn and giveaway things on Steem. You can find out more in their discord

25.09.2019 21:37

Ciao, grazie per avermi fatto notare questo fantastico progetto, ho provato a leggere precedenti articoli ma non ho ben capito la questione del "Tema settimanale"
Il progetto che voglio portare è il seguente: Omnesplantae project

@Omnesplantae è un'idea partita e portata avanti da me, @Cooltivar, studente universitario appassionato di botanica.
L'intento del nostro progetto è quello di avvicinare le persone al mondo vegetale, ridare importanza a qualcosa che stiamo perdendo di vista e che non abbiamo mai approfondito poi cosi tanto.

Adesso come adesso ci occupiamo di selezionare e votare tutti gli articoli riguardanti le piante su Steemit, dando valore solo a ciò che riteniamo opportuno. Intorno alla Content Curator girano vari progetti come ad esempio #greenactifit e l'uscita del nostro OmnesPlantae Token (OP)

Per ora porto avanti il progetto con le mie piante ( ho una serra) e con i steem guadagnati dagli articoli e da qualche delega che ci hanno gentilmente dato.

Tutto quanto è gestito dall'Italia, lingua madre del progetto, ma siamo aperti a tutto il mondo ed ogni giorno ci miglioriamo per la comunicazione con tutti quanti.

L'obiettivo finale del nostro progetto come detto inizialmente, è quello di avvicinare le persone al mondo vegetale, promuovere l'autosufficienza e tutte le informazioni scientifiche inerenti al mondo vegetale.

Spero di costruire e condividere insieme a steemit un mio piccolo sogno, la realizzazione di una stanza per la micropropagazione, specializzata nella coltura e isolamento di protoplasti.

Abbiamo appena iniziato!

Hi, thanks for letting me see this fantastic project, I tried to read previous articles but I didn't understand the "Weekly Theme" question
The project I want to bring is the following: Omnesplantae project

@Omnesplantae is an idea started and carried out by me, @Cooltivar, university student passionate about botany.

The intent of our project is to bring people closer to the plant world, to give importance to something that we are losing sight of and that we have never deepened so much.

Now as now we take care of selecting and voting all the articles regarding plants on Steemit, giving value only to what we think is appropriate. Around the Content Curator, various projects run such as #greenactifit and the release of our OmnesPlantae Token (OP)

For now I carry on the project with my plants (I have a greenhouse) and with the steems earned from the articles and from some delegations that they kindly gave us.

Everything is managed by Italy, the mother tongue of the project, but we are open to the whole world and every day we improve ourselves for communication with everyone.

The final objective of our project as mentioned initially, is to bring people closer to the plant world, to promote self-sufficiency and all the scientific information inherent to the plant world.

I hope to build and share a little dream of mine with steemit, the creation of a room for micropropagation, specialized in the cultivation and isolation of protoplasts.

We have just started!

26.09.2019 21:43

If you're reading this comment, you are curious.

Curious how to BUILD your own steemit account, scale to 1000 valuable upvotes per post and start turning this "blogging" or "content creation" thing into a wildly profitable venture.
Do you ever see the people on Steemit and wonder how they got started? Of course you do...
Or, the major flexers on IG with their luxury sports cars and watches...
Let me tell you, these guys started like you and I.
With a nickel and a dime, a dollar and a dream.
When you first start in steemit blockchain, the feeling of being 'lost' and having no idea where to start really hits hard.
Most of us try to 'perfect' some sort of business model and most likely fail.
Money favors speed not perfectionists.
I remember just 5-6 months ago, I was so lost. I wanted to do content creation, affiliate marketing, blogging, personal branding etc. etc., but this is where many people go wrong, as I did.
The money isn't in 5 different business models, rather it is in one.

One and only one.

So, naturally I chose to the one with the least amount of startup costs, time investment needed & quickest failure time.

I nominate @steembasicincome.

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.
Information Source


Steem Basic Income a.k.a SBI was founded by legendary @josephsavage


Steem Basic Income (SBI) is structured as a subscription upvote service that utilizes the Steem blockchain to deliver a sustainable basic income. The ‘basic income’ that SBI provides is voluntary and self/crowdfunded, using Steem’s unique stake-based reward mechanisms. It serves as a continuous base of support.
On Steem, regular votes attract more votes.
Information Source


SBI is universal
But can be accessed through:

  1. Discord
  2. [Steemit](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@steembasicincome/enhanced-votes-graph-and-member-spotlight-crypticat
  3. Your weekly support value is divided by your posting rate. If you post once a week your vote will be larger. If you post multiple times a day, your votes will be smaller on each post. Either way, your votes will add up to be consistent with your number of shares.
    They want to support all of their members posting styles so no one feels obligated to do a daily post.
    If you change your posting rate, you will see an adjustment to the upvote weight on your posts.
  4. If you would like more information about the program, they have broken down the mechanics for how the program works in the complete overview.

Thanks for the massive amount of support and positivity around #BUILDBETTER this week. Without you all none of this would be possible! ❤️🔥😎 @ecoinstant

26.09.2019 21:47

Hi my friend @ecoinstant,

It’s a pleasure to nominate to Steemitas Club for the amazing growth in less than one month in the Steem blockchain. It was born at the Hardfork 21 (August 27, 2019), taking the Newsteem mindset.
The community is focused on educating and helping new steemians to growth and survive in this platform.

WHO: The founder is @ritch, a professor and excellent advisor related to steem and investing topics.
The team of Steemitas Club looks for an equilibrated team. Recently, two girls were incorporated to the team because of their commitment with this community (@pinkgirl4 and @helengutier2).

WHAT: This community is growing so fast, delegating steempower as possible and joining forces with other communities like @RadioSteemit, @steemterminal, @team-mexico, @mayvileros, among others. They also curate original content and orientate to new users to share better publications.
WHERE: The founder and administrator of the Steemitas Club is @ritch, who is Mexican. You can join to the discord server if you like: https://discord.gg/dYMsF7a
WHY: Because SteemitasClub is a great community based on the Newsteem. I am sure that the support of other Steemians to its growth will be used wisely to help a lot more Steeemitas.

HOW: The community is formed by experienced steemians who help in different topics. Some of them are looking for new steemians, others are helping in the discord server and curators are looking for quality content for votingThe community is growing in the most used tokens like spaco, photo, pal, stem, and blq. Also, the community has the support of some steemians who has high Power in Tokens from Steem-Engine. I like that the liquid rewards are distributed among delegators and steemians following their curation trail or helping other steemians. The votes are not for friends, if your post doesn’t meet the curation requirements it will not be curated.

27.09.2019 02:26

my support is to steemitasclub

27.09.2019 11:47

Thanks @chris94 to nominate our community and thank you @ecoinstant for this kind of activities that helps to meet other communities.

30.09.2019 01:52

Gracias por todo tu apoyo en el crecimiento de esta comunidad. Un abrazo!

30.09.2019 18:18

Excellent nominee @chris94, Steemitas club always supports the community, they are also very well organized, which has allowed them to grow and make a good community.

30.09.2019 18:28

Excelente dedicación y entrega por la comunidad compañero, ¡el mayor de los éxitos!.

30.09.2019 18:35

fuerte hermano

el apoyo

30.09.2019 19:28

Muchas gracias por sus comentarios, todo apoyo es bien recibido y le tengo mucha confianza al proyecto <3

30.09.2019 19:28

Cuentan con mi apoyo

30.09.2019 19:59

Apoyando a esta inciativa, apoyando a steemitas y a mi amigo @chris94

30.09.2019 20:21

Apoyo a steemitas club

30.09.2019 20:55

Excelente iniciativa @chris94, apoyo plenamente este proyecto de integracion llamado @steemitasclub!

01.10.2019 03:09


Publicación curada por Club12

¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!
También puedes seguirnos en el discord de RadioSteemit
¡¡¡Canal de discord RadioSteemit!!!
27.09.2019 04:49

Apoyando siempre las buenas iniciativas y proyectos en la plataforma!. Gracias por este aporte y enriquecimiento, @ecoinstant.

01.10.2019 04:15

Hi @ecoinstant!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
Your UA account score is currently 5.086 which ranks you at #1039 across all Steem accounts.
Your rank has not changed in the last three days.

In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 93 contributions, your post is ranked at #9.

Evaluation of your UA score:
  • You've built up a nice network.
  • The readers appreciate your great work!
  • Try to work on user engagement: the more people that interact with you via the comments, the higher your UA score!

Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server

27.09.2019 14:10

This is our entry post to #buildbetter contest THE CF-M PROJECT: BUILDBETTER CONTEST ENTRY.

Good Luck to All Participants!!

The CooperFelix-Multiservices invites the users to take a look at the objectives of the project, hoping for your participation THE CF-M Project on Fundition or following the project at the link: THE CF-M PROJECT.

The image is owned by the author and the use, reproduction or quotation without authorization is forbidden
27.09.2019 20:25

Hi, first of all @ecoinstant thank you once again for this contest and all the support, great job! And now let's talk about my choose this week:



@mayvil and @hegaby.


They are supporting steemit newcomers and teaching them how to use the platform and they also support high quality original content.


They're located in Venezuela. Mayvilero's discord server is: https://discord.gg/86y7UkN. But they also accept english content and people worldwide.

@mayvileros is the official account of the project and curations.


I'm nominating Mayvileros because It's very understimated. They do their best everyday, they have a very unique and complete discord, Mayvil have tutorials to guide newcomers to begin in Steemit, they curate good content BUT can't curate a large number of post because they have low SP.
They need Steem Power to curate more, with stronger votes, the community can't help to much on that because the situation in Venezuela. They need an opportunity to prove they are really out there helping a lot and that they are one of the best communities besides they are not well know yet.
And one more thing, I'm here in Steemit thanks to @mayvil, I know mayvileros since 1 years and 4 months now, I have never seen a day where Mayvil doesn't help people. She helps and teach every single day of the year, what an incredible job!! I admire her for that, she is very frienly, talented, altruistic, handsome... A great woman!. Hegaby is nice too.
If you are reading this, I wish you the best, you deserve more, a lor more.


They make daily curations, they are actually supporting a minimum of 10 users a day, with more SP they can support more users with more ¢. Each month they select the best publication and gives a prize in STEEM or SBD to the winner, that encourages people to improve their publications.

Let's go Mayvileros!!

Posted using Partiko Android

28.09.2019 01:56

Steem Engine tools

Who: Meh @cadawg

What: Steem Engine tools adds a bunch of tools that as far as I am aware, are unavailable in any other free tools package.

Where: I'm a UK boi, works worldwide

Why: I like free money. Who doesn't? No, in all honesty, I believe that my tools bring greater value to the steem-engine platform.

How: Err... not many people have donated. Thinking about adding APIs for software devs and maybe premium features, but I am not a fan of the idea. Tried ads and they didn't work out well either!

28.09.2019 19:05

What: Needleworkmonday community
Official account @needleworkmonday
Who: @crosheille
Where: international
Why: I love reading about needlework projects from all over the world and that the steemians there really engage with each other, sharing experiences and helpful tips in the comments.

How: With organising challenges, resteeming posts and making showcase posts with the best project each week, the community brings the participating posts and their authors into the general steem public outside their niche. The community account's upvotes help, too :)

29.09.2019 16:15

Thank you so much @muscara for this nomination! It would be really awesome getting more support to build up our community and be able to better support the needleworkers and all of the creative work they put out.

Thank you @ecoinstant for this opportunity and wanting to help support projects that are being built to enrich the blockchain!

It has been a pleasure supporting the needlework community with #NeedleWorkMonday and the @needleworkmonday account for the last 2 years! It has definitely enriched my experiences here on the blockchain :)

29.09.2019 16:36

I nominate @steemitmamas as one of the builders of STEEM. This group is continually powering up and growing. We have a trail, many members delegate, and we have outside delegators too who see our value. I am proud to be a part of this group and it is one of my best resources here.

WHO - @khimgoh is the leader of this group.@brittandjosie and @mumma-monza are admins. @crosheille leads the needlework sub-section of the group and is an admin.

WHAT - @steemitmamas welcomes all moms, stepmoms, adoptive moms, expecting moms who post on STEEM. There is no other active group on STEEM for #womenincrypto.

WHERE – Our moms are from all over the world, united by raising kids and posting on STEEM.

WHY – Women make up 10% of the crypto space population in general. On STEEM we are 25%+ women. This is a place we can gather and take strength from each other, and get great support while we do.

HOW – Those of us who use the tag, have a chance for manual curation of our posts by the main account and trail voters. We have weekly roundup posts of the best of @steemitmamas for that week. We have contests and many opportunities for post upvotes and SBI shares.

Thank you for the opportunity to feature @steemitmamas, @ecoinstant. Sorry so late, but I have been having wifi difficulties, which are thankfully ended now.

30.09.2019 22:44