99 reasons why earthships are fuc!*ing awesome: Part #6 Reasons 51-60

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Earthship Biotecture has to be one of the least understood sustainable building and living models around. This is not least because they offer SO many benefits that it is hard to even know them all, let alone explain them all!

The systems of an earthship encounter the forces of nature, mainly the sun, rain, and wind, and funnels them into your home to provide everything you need to live comfortably with annual utility bills of around $200 or less.

When you are truly self-sufficient and out of debt you take away some of the main sources of stress: buying food, paying the bills, covering the mortgage or rent, and needing to work full-time to allow this to continue. We can also look at environmental issues and great need to build smarter and in a more connected way, especially in the face of climate change.


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Here are the Highlights of Earthship.

  1. Use of totally natural and/or recycled materials
  2. Little to no need for heating or cooling systems
  3. Total power autonomy
  4. Sustainable, optimized water collection and use
  5. Increased food independence
  6. Completely contained sewage treatment system
  7. You can also buy already built EARTHSHIP.
23.09.2019 04:16

lol, only 92 more to go =)..

23.09.2019 04:32

I know, it has been a long journey for you, are you still in India ? Any projects going on ?

23.09.2019 05:33

i am still in india yes.. right now I am working on an ecoVillage project, although its not likely to happen in India.. more soon on that!

23.09.2019 10:41

I think you should create a series of video starting from initiation of how material required for earth-ship in collected and so on, it won't be easy but there are people and communities who would love your work and you can charge for those video or trining programme.

23.09.2019 11:41

thats a good idea! ive never filmed properly when ive built.. but when ecoVillage comes i will definately be filming everything so new ecoVillages can copy and learn..

23.09.2019 11:42

Friend @eco-alex Every time you upload videos of your beautiful project, I take a close look at it.
One of the things that strikes me the most is its duration in time, you could say that this is eternal.
Resistant, ample, aesthetically beautiful and economical because you don't have to remodel, besides you are part of nature, you live in it and with it.
You learn to live in community and this is fascinating.

23.09.2019 11:53

Very nicely-made video btw. Here in Suriname my wife and I ponder what style of house we will build if we someday have the opportunity to be land-owners. An earthship is certainly one of them, but bamboo is readily available here, cheap and renewable.

24.09.2019 17:04

good luck whatever you choose! yes bamboo can make a nice hut.. but not really a functional home... but if your climate is mild and tropical it can work nicely

26.09.2019 01:14