To Bee Or Not To Bee: That Is The Natural Medicine Question!

In life we often ask questions, hoping for simple answers that are black and white. What is often the case however is that the answer always depends on the circumstances! SO, today I'm posting for the Bee challenge hosted by the NaturalMedicine Tribe , because today something happened that made me realise that sometimes at least, we have to make exceptions!

You know, there are different kinds of bee keepers. There are some who house bee's just to take all their honey and not care about the population. There are others who never harvest any honey, and look after their bees for the good of the natural systems of the planet. One thing is for sure, protecting Bee's is Very important.. but does that have to preclude eating it? We eating honey? Well, ut saying, it depends on the circumstances!

This afternoon my neighbour turns up at my door with a very nice looking slab of honey on the comb. He is a young Indian man, who farms, grows vegetables, and has chickens and other produce that they eat and live off. They look after their bees, and they don’t take all the honey so that the bee community can grow and thrive. This gift of honey that he presented to me was probably about the only thing of material value that he has that he could give me. So of course, i took this beautiful honey and immediately tried it out. It was Divine, a gift. My whole body reacted and fell into a kind of honey bliss. I can still feel it an hour later!

So to relate this to some of the questions posed by NaturalMedicine.. i DO eat honey, but sparingly. There are alternatives, but there's nothing even close to honey! When someone turns up at my door offering me a beautiful piece of it am I going to eat it, For sure I am! There are of course many companies that produce honey on a huge scale, in a very centralized way. Almond growers import ridiculous numbers of bees to pollinate their plants, in a very centralized manner. .. but do I eat almonds.. sure I do.. but im careful to buy from people who work on a small scale, and as locally as I can.

To me it's more about taking the time to source responsibly, or better still make it yourself.. We must understand that when we buy products from megalithic companies, we are then contributing to the real problem. The larger a company the more things exploited and desecrated.

The bees don't mind sharing some of their honey, especially if were growing tonnes of flowers for them to drink from. We just need to be mindful of our action and choices, and source things locally, support the right people who are doing things in the right way.

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26.02.2020 12:38

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26.02.2020 12:43

Just in case some people do not know - never use honey which has been radiated/radurised. Also watch out for 'fake' honey, which is made from sugar syrup with just a little honey added to give it the taste. It really is crap stuff and bad for you.

Honey is a real miracle nectar. Cut yourself? Put some honey on the wound and it will prevent the cut becoming infected. You have an abscess? Take a quarter teaspoon of honey and place it over the tooth. Keep it there for a while before swallowing.

Need something sweet? Use honey instead of sugar or all those other chemical products (even when they say, on the label, that it is made from a certain plant, the sweetener still has artificial chemicals which harm your body. Often, the way your body gets harmed means that your brain also is damaged. (If you become stupid and apathetic, how will you know it has happened to you?)

Do not believe others because they are doctors, scientists or, especially, because they are politicians. Always look at the scientific facts. For instance, the previous Minister of Health in South Africa, declared honeycomb as being toxic (bad for us) and made it illegal for honeycomb to be sold. Yet, I know humans have been eating it for thousands of years - and so do bears and other creatures. But we must not - however, the "elite" still ate it. Now it is legal again.

In this country it is expensive, but I make the sacrifice and buy half a kilo per month, for its important benefits to my health...and just because I love it!

PS: Most beekeepers (apiarists) I know, of small to medium size, only take a part of the production.

26.02.2020 13:12

nicely said.. spot on! most store honey is total crap.. and local honey also means local immunity which is always good!

thanks for this, great comment! xx

26.02.2020 16:07

You shpuld write a post about it!!!

27.02.2020 10:31

@eco-alex did :)

Gosh, I looked at your homepage and read the post about cross-posting and left there feeling dizzy and confused. I've taken the step of creating a community, but that was big enough on its own and I am still trying to understand it. I guess I just need to use it and familiarity will slowly bring more knowledge and understanding. Then I might look at cross-posting :)

I voted for #quochuy as you asked. I nearly voted for riverhead, as I got confused and thought it was you :)

27.02.2020 11:37

It does take a while to wrap head around everything, but it's all part of the fun. Thanks for supporting a witness we care about xxWhats your community?

28.02.2020 04:18

Hard Asset - WWI

You will notice I have stopped posting, but that is because someone saw my community and approached me with a serious offer (from a web bank) that would give us enormous credibility (not in the community, but in the service it will represent). I'm hoping to have some news within a week.

I am quite excited about it as I see it as my way of helping tens of thousands without my causing more damage by just 'giving' like a charity. It started some time ago (the idea) but then a Steemit poster from Nigeria complained about how hard she struggles to provide a future for her family, and as soon as she starts getting on her feet, the corrupt officials destroy her again. I thought, well, why not create your foundation all over the world, then you no longer depend on one corrupt govt. For instance, I live in South Africa, and I would far prefer to invest in buying property here than in Nigeria or Malawi or Zambia or Tanzania.

The investments required by the customer is small (between $60 to $100) but their investment remains in US $ so they have no worries as to whether their investment will become corrupted as digital coins drop in value....

I must keep my costs down until I have proven the concept for my bankers, so it means I cannot afford to start with the assistance of a team of developers (coders) and so on. All I want for this to start is a nice web site where the properties can be listed and a method for customers to pay.

I will be starting off the blockchain, but I must have a platform where I can anonymously give the investors shares (in the form of coins), in that way placing their investment on the blockchain.

The investor must pay at least 50% of the price of a share and pay the balance off within 3 months. I do not want to only have investors from the middle income families, but also from those who are struggling to make ends meet. I think what starts off as a sacrifice can grow into a beneficial investment as they begin to earn (from rentals) which grow year by year. As a matter of fact, if the do pay within 3 months, their income will be apportioned to them in full for those first 3 months.

I could write pages about it, but...first:

Does it make sense now? Do you see the potential or do you think I am dreaming?

28.02.2020 09:32

If I may ask, since you seem so knowledeable.

I want to use my own coins (created at SteemEngine). That means I need my own 'tribe' platform? How would I do that? Is there any lit about it I could learn from?

Thanks in advance

27.02.2020 11:53

You can create coins easily without a platform.

28.02.2020 04:16

I know, I can buy them from SteemEngine. Then? How do I use them for the way I can be rewarded by the various tribe platforms I have signed up to, like Palnet, creativecoins etc?

That is my real question for now, how do I create such a platform?

28.02.2020 09:12

i LOVE that your Indian friend gave you the thing he had of most value.... I'm SURE the bees were honoured to be part of that natural giving cycle, just as it would have been rude, ignorant and pointless to decline.

Yes, the energy of pure wild honey sings to your cells and is natural medicine of the first order..... Fermented honey turns into mead - the nectar of the Gods.

Promise I will bring a razor with me when we visit. LOL. x

26.02.2020 13:14

u cant imagine what i gave him in exchange ;-) lets just say he was Very happy too, and all in all we've all had a good one on the bees!

Fermented honey you say! sounds interesting!.. youtube time!

26.02.2020 16:09


26.02.2020 21:54


27.02.2020 10:31

Hummous Pizza?

Then again he said he was happy about it.

27.02.2020 12:42

lol.. im remaining silent.. ;=)

27.02.2020 16:01


26.02.2020 15:30

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26.02.2020 15:30

We just need to be mindful of our action and choices, and source things locally, support the right people who are doing things in the right way.

Ditto :>)

26.02.2020 15:59

I know right . Imagine what the world would be like if we ALL did this!

27.02.2020 10:32

Imagine what the world would be like if we ALL did this!

Perhaps a world of greater smiles...???

28.02.2020 16:20

Oh YUM... and I love the photo too!!! How could you resist such delight! Mindful eating or consumption is definitely the way to go!

27.02.2020 10:30

honey just makes you mindful the moment it hits your tongue.. everything else vanishes for a few seconds ;_)

27.02.2020 16:00

I find it a perfect happy balance to grow flowers for the bees and then to share a little of their honey with them. If they could give it to us themselves I think they would to say thank you for all the flowers we grow to help them. lol

28.02.2020 18:23

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