Achievement 2 by @ebusneh task: Basic security key on steemit on 09/05/2021

Good day everybody, I am glad to be at this platform. so happy that my achievement (1)was verified

I want to use this opportunity to explain how i use the basic keys on steemit

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There are four basic keys on steemit which include
(1) private posting key
(2) private memo key
(3) private active key
(4) private owner key


My keys (this image is courtesy of @crytokannon)

explanation of the keys
(1) Private posting key: posting key plays the part of an individual to be able to post, edit, comment, follow and unfollow other social activities.

(2) private memo key: memo key is used when you want to transfer SBD or Steem.

(3) private active key: Active key enables me to in terms of transferring funds, updating profile details, and power up and down.

(4) private owner key: owner key can be used to change any steemit key including the owner key. Owner key is most strong key after the masters key.

what are the difference between the master key and the owner keys
Have you retrieve all your key on steemit?
NO, I haven't lost my keys since I was introduce to this platform.

Do you know each of these key functions and restriction?
Yes, I know there functions and I can make use of them when ever I want to use it.

How do you plan to keep your master password?
I planned keeping my master password save by storing it to my flesh drive and also saved it on my Google email account.

Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steam user accounts?
Yes, I do
This are the steps

Step 1
Click on wallet

Step 2
When it opens login in your wallet and tap on the steem you have. You will see transfer, trade, power up etc

Step 3
Click on transfer. Here you can add the username name you want to transfer steem power to.

This how I transfer my funds☺️

Do you know how to power up your steem?
Yes, after going through the lecture I have learnt a lot.
Steps to power up my sp

Step 1
Click on wallet


Step 2
Click on your steem power you will see trade, transfer, power up.
You click on power up.

Step 3
Here you can power up your sp

All thanks to @crytokannon for the lectures about basic security key on steemit.

Thanks to @solarstar for sharing me the link to @crytokannon lecture.

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