The Viability of the CitiOS LoRa Street Light in Global Security


What would you do if you came across a stranger on a lonely path? The first instinct would be to run away. That is tenable when there are no security apparatuses in place to monitor the area. With the insufficiency of Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) and other forms of security tools, it has become imperative for the average individual to cater to his or her security needs.

We've come a long way in the world today to be intimidated by security threats. Aside from CCTVs, other security tools can be used to address some of the challenges that are feasible in the world today. That is why CitiOS came into the picture with the robust LoRa private network as a way of bolstering the security of lives and properties.

The Target Audience

It has been affirmed that security is something that is of concern to both the rich and the poor. Likewise, more people tend to look for alternative means of securing their lives and properties when the government seems to be having feet of clay in that regard. Indeed, Africans haven’t had it so good when it comes to security. With the continued increases in the crime rate and the government’s unwillingness to tackle security challenges headlong, there may be no other need than to utilize the edge computing and AI chip embedded features of the CitiOS blockchain platform.


If you were patient to read on, you would discover some of the features that make CitiOS one of the best smart city projects .

Real-Time Surveillance

Our conventional street lights are now getting replaced by the more effective variations that are powered by CitiOS . The first step towards sustainable development of the security in African communities is by providing real-time surveillance.
CitiOS designed it in a way that the surveillance and monitoring of the environment would be made possible via the street lights . There will be replacements of the regular street lights that rely on electricity. In their place, CitiOS brings in another that is powered by solar energy . In addition to that, there is the integration of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera and autonomous IoT into the solar panel of the street lights . With those in place, it would now be more comfortable to survey the environment for possible security threats.

Smart Coverage

Because security should be taken seriously, the CitiOS street light is backed by the LoRa private network. The privacy of LoRa makes it ideal for transmitting data derived so far through the P2P Data Exchange platform. Once it has been confirmed that the information is accurate, CitiOS would give it a waiver to scale through the edge computing and AI embedded platform.

Wider Coverage

You may be thinking that the CitiOS Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT) of CitiOS might be limited to the streets. You should note that there is now an integration of the AI Camera for pushing up the security . Therefore, the places where it can be used tend to be many.
The first use case is in airports where many suspicious people tend to be operating. By delegating the street lights within the premises of the airport, it would be easier to monitor the activities of the people moving in and out of the airport. It is a better option than bulky and visible CCTVs. Also, AIoT cameras can be used in schools/campuses, hospitals, and shopping centers. The street lights can also be used in many other places, such as parking lots, roads, parks, and commercial sites.


Final Words

With “many eyes” watching you everywhere you go, there is the confidence that the LoRa private network would transmit information to the CitiOS platform for onward resolutions of the security threats.


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