Time wasting

Look at successful people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban and any other highly successful human. They are successful because they use their time right. They are successful because they are life time learners. They commit to learning new things every single day. Warren Buffet one of the wealthiest humans one the planet,is famous for reading more than 5 hours every day Bill Gates reads one book per week. Notice a common theme here successful people never stop learning
Think about this you have $86,400 spend every single day but when the day is over ,the money disappears. You can't get it back wouldn't you try to spend all of the money before it disappears, Wouldn't try to use wisely? use it us best you could?. The sad part is we only have 86400 seconds in a day. And most people take this time for granted . Most people let this time disappear without a second thought we never this time back . We must use wisely we must be productive. We must use out time to do things we enjoy or use it to set up our life. So we can spend our future doing more things. We want to do instead of wasting your time on meaningless things use it learn new things

The time you spend playing video games or partying with your friends will never come back . Once you use that time it's gone forever. Use your time wisely. Read books study hard and learn as much as you can . Most people give up on their dreams because of one failed test. Matter of fact most students don't even try their best. When they take the test because in their mind they have already failed the test. They stop believing in them selves and once the belief is killed. The dream is killed

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