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TheFutbolCoin: Say goodbye to unrewarding football apps


There are so many fans of football out there; die-hard and occasional fans. Whether a die-hard or casual fan, they are still fans of football, and they need to be provided with an easy way to follow their favourite clubs and players. Most of them have more than two clubs that they follow, so it is more complex for them to follow their updates one after the other. TheFutbolApp(TFA) has created many ways to make the fans happy and satisfied, and in this article, the applications that has been put into TFA will be shown. It might be hard to believe that there is no available app made for the sole purpose of football and its updates, but it is true. TFA has broken the chain of things by introducing an app where users can easily enjoy football updates and interact with different clubs and players. Discussion groups are also made available on the app in different languages.


TheFutbolCoin is a coin built into TFA to share wealth among the supporters of TFA. Most social media accounts earn from showing football updates on their platforms, but they never remember the community or even the creators of the contents. Most times, these creators are not adequately appreciated, and the quality of the contents are reduced with time by the creators. TFC also allows small business owners to advertise their businesses, and offer goods and services to the TFA user base. This will make it possible for transparent and non-fraudulent transactions to be carried out on TFA. These transactions could include payment of registration fees, buying of tickets, crowdfunding for young aspiring footballers etc. Just by implementing TFC, a whole new digital economy is formed. TFC can be used in different ways to create profits for both the advertisers and the TFA user base. Targeted advertising will be centered at big restaurants and bars with TVs that have TFA user base located around their geographical area. Instagram's style of advertisements will also be adopted in TFA, and users can conveniently watch the advertisements without it disturbing their activities or invading their privacy. These advertisements target upcoming business owners who don't have enough funds to advertise on TV. TFC will be the only currency accepted from advertisers before they can successfully run advertisements on TFA. The only means of getting TFC from TFA is through offering their goods and services for TFC which will be given to them by TFA user base. In summary, users mine TFC in TFA, and the advertisers mine TFC from TFA user base by allowing users to pay for their goods and services using a certain number of TFC.


Conclusion: The main objective of TheFutbolCoin is to create a digital system with TFA, and give back wealth to TFA community. It is also aimed at helping small businesses rise up by giving them a chance to promote their businesses on TFA, and reach their audience on TFA. TheFutbolApp provides answers to different challenges faced with other football apps and social networking while delivering an exciting social experience to football lovers.

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