Steemians- What's Your Story Ahead of HF21?


How do you feel about HF21 and the changes to curation rewards, bid bots, the community funding initiative and whatever else?

HF20 was a lot of drama. We survived and thrived. What are you concerned about? How will you change your behavior on Steemit?

I am excited about the possibility of SMTs being created soon. I use Steem Engine alot and am loving the new Palnet community. I have been receiving alot of community airdrops.

The 50/50 curation rewards could help new users, but the new reward mechanic could hamper this some. Overall, Steemit has been getting more decentralized an niche, which is nice.

Now you...

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i don't know but i don't feel good

16.07.2019 17:02

It is a but troubling.

16.07.2019 18:10