Started a small business in a pandemic

It has been a rough year for all of us. Despite this challenging time we are going through, my sister and I have managed to open up a small business name T'Ruli Products. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook. T'Ruli means Tamparuli, which is a small town in Tuaran district, Sabah. The motivation of starting a small business was because of trying to survive in this challenging time. Other reason would be, graduated where there a no company hiring at this moment. Our products are handmade; we sew them with love. It started with just by watching some Tik Tok videos on sewing where they made scrunchies. The passion for doing grew more from there and now after three months from our first launched, we made turban inspired headband, pouch, bucket hat, face mask, drawstring bag and more to come! Even tho there is restriction going out to buy more fabric and limited resource of cute materials, but it didn't let out spirit down. I will update more on this small business journey soon. This is the link ( to our little business if you are interested.

Till then,
Easter :)

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