The President DJTs July 4 Speech


With the Presidents July 4th speech, I would like to say, I was a little disappointed and a bit confused as to some of that speech.

I was sorry to here the moon landing reinforcement when I think it lacks credibility by a great many and the mars thing, as we are already based there!

It was kind of reinforcing the dumbed down stuff the cabal has historically done. That’s confusing, why was it done?

The musical tributes were also of a quality which denoted military reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I think many people fear this. NATURALLY.

So why???

Why wasn’t there more hope and promise of peaceful expansion into space?

Who is the enemy for all this force?

The cabal were without any allegiance except to themselves and created wars and separation.

I’m confused as to some of this. We are being sold that this is about peace and humanity and the world.

So why the war thing?

Do you think there possibly is a real threat from these sanctioned countries which requires this show of public military force?

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05.07.2019 11:25