Some people are purging their lower energies in personal attacks.


Hello Angel family.

Noted, some people are purging their lower energies in personal attacks.

Just stand back and permit their rancid winds of discord blow past your orb of protection.

There is evil afoot which needs clearing.

Step aside and letting charades of confusion go by, let their momentum carry them to source light for transmutation.

The IMMINENT TIMES are Profound‼️

8/15 is signaled to be massive gamma influx more than before.

Purification of BEING in every way to ascend with this energy.

Literally could feel auric etheric energy field expanded to about six feet from body yesterday.

When making my bed, as the white top sheet drifted into place I saw a large purple energy wave alight it,

really beautiful and very special.

By staying in Presence, the NOW, we connect with our higher self, guided and beloved higher dimensional being who are constantly among us.

This NOW brings Peace to the Heart-Mind.

Water heals, imagine your light emanating in every aspect of being.
Be ready to transition into the 5D.
It is truly here.

Shift Happens

Earthship 420 🌏

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