The 'Club Of Rome' Study You Never Heard Of (Most Likely)

We generally pay great attention to any "elite reports" because they are penned to warn us about something on one hand. And also to obtain our consent on the other hand, should society choose to turn a blind eye to them or refuse to stand up. Our state of affairs is also which of our own making. The "dark forces" perfectly know that the mainstream will neglect their studies because they also happen to fund and promote "irrational exuberance". In a monetary environment optimism sells always better than realism however. The carrot and the stick is such a very old trick after all.

But you are in for a shock. Guaranteed.

The absolute reality is that we are all running on a treadmill, so busy running that we end up neglecting what's concocted behind the velvety curtain. What you are about to read is yet another bitter clue for us to chew on, and foster the thought that it is now time for self-responsibility. Now or never.

No One Is Coming To Save Us

Earth Custodians have delved into every possible rabbit hole and spent so much time trying to understand the whys and hows that we won't go there at this time as it is well too time consuming. But if you have done some homework, you surely know what we mean by that.

The Club Of Rome is one of those shady, yet powerful, institutions that always knows what the global markets are up to and even influences the latter. Economists commissioned by the Club Of Rome are (of course) always ahead of the curve as they generally utilize data that does not circulate widely - or is even kept secret until the studies are released to the public.

The mind does not see what it does not know about.

So the media and the educational system definitely are society's core issues shaping politics and philosophy, and this to say that the system must be re-engineered from scratch - No more less. We ought to prepare to see much of what we think we know being completely erased by the new paradigm ahead-- and should feel relieved because Freedom will finally become within reach.

'Naked Short Selling' Gone Global

Back to the Club Of Rome study made public 50 years ago. The conclusion is absolutely beyond outrageous since it means that the global pillage of natural resources, was deliberate during all this time. The top wallstreet players and their hedge fund managers knew about it all along and engaged in "naked short selling" to siphon all the wealth possible.

In a nutshell, the petrifying truth is that our lives and future were gambled on by and for the top 1%, which knew that populations (and Nature) would inevitably fail to deliver.

Naked shorting is the illegal practice of short selling shares that have not been affirmatively determined to exist. Ordinarily, traders must borrow a stock. or determine that it can be borrowed. before they sell it short. Due to various loopholes in the rules, and discrepancies between paper and electronic trading systems, naked shorting continues to happen. (

Although the author of the first article below mentions Marx in several occasions, we can agree that Marx's critique of capitalism was prophetic, though he never questioned the validity of any medium of exchange. As we can see today, the scheme has been stretched to the end of its own paradigm, and really could unravel at any moment.

More than ever we must unite for a system change, and degrow the world economy ourselves, starting in our own households first so that world stock exchanges will cave in and shut down for good.

This is simply the end of growth and there is no money to make anymore!

The planet urgently needs an armada of pro-degrowth economists to engineer an unprecedented damage control to gradually deflate the global economy after so many decades of reckless monetary policies.

Irrational exuberance is a state of mania. In the stock market, it's when investors are so confident that the price of an asset will keep going up, they lose sight of its underlying value. --- Chairman Alan Greenspan in 1996.'

We are not going to paraphrase the articles below as we prefer to use them to make our case for degrowth and a money-free society.

The worship of billionaires has become our shittiest religion (nov 2019)

And just as nobody can spend a billion dollars in their lifetime, nobody can earn it either. People have taken to saying “every billionaire is a policy failure”, because that sort of money makes nakedly obvious the truth Marx tells us about all wealth accumulated under capitalism: that it’s part of a process that is only possible because the people who own the means of production are, effectively, stealing it from their employees, by paying them a wage worth less than the value said employees’ labor bequeaths unto things. If you find yourself in possession of one billion dollars, and keep it, then you are wilfully refusing to stand in solidarity with the whole of the rest of the human species.

Why does Billionaire Discourse of this sort exist? Obviously, there are brute material reasons. Rich people own newspapers and other media organizations, so it is in their interests to make questioning the right of the wealthy to possess their wealth look dangerous and/or weird. That in itself can’t quite explain why there are people who feel compelled to agree with them — but then again, I’m sure that if they’d had social media in the Middle Ages there would have been plenty of Brutal Feudal Overlord Discourse as well, with various uppity yeomen flooding your mentions to defend droit du seigneur. Billionaires are powerful, and some people are just psychologically conditioned to be toadies.

Every billionaire is thus more than a simple failure of policy. Every billionaire is evidence of a basic glitch in the fabric of the moral universe: their lives, and acts, ring out with the gospel that only what we call evil will be rewarded — that the selfish get to live as angels, and all good people will be damned. Challenging capitalism also means challenging its religion.

Fifty years ago, an international team of researchers was commissioned by the Club of Rome to build a computer simulation of exponential economic and population growth on a finite planet.

Given business as usual, i.e., no changes to historical growth trends, the limits to growth on earth would become evident by 2072, leading to “sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity”. This includes the following

1) Given business as usual, i.e., no changes to historical growth trends, the limits to growth on earth would become evident by 2072, leading to “sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity”. This includes the following:
2) Global Industrial output per capita reaches a peak around 2008, followed by a rapid decline
3) Global Food per capita reaches a peak around 2020, followed by a rapid decline
4) Global Services per capita reaches a peak around 2020, followed by a rapid decline
5) Global population reaches a peak in 2030, followed by a rapid decline
6) Growth trends existing in 1972 could be altered so that sustainable ecological and economic stability could be achieved.
7) The sooner the world’s people start striving for the second outcome above, the better the chance of achieving it.

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23.12.2019 23:42

When you said some people are toadies, that made me laugh. I love that analogy of the curtain which reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. That little doggy found the little man on the other side of the curtain. He was not a big scary wizard of Oz after all. Removing the curtain is transparency, accountability, and awareness to what globalists and others do like you said. The Club of Rome is interesting for sure.

24.12.2019 04:25

hello - I didn't write the article speaking of toadies though

thanks for dropping by

24.12.2019 10:06

Short selling is part of price discovery. Some people believe a stock price will go down, and selling it short gives them a way to profit if it does. Remember, they will lose their shirt if the price goes up. Prices are determined on the free market by people battling over whether they think the price will go up or down.
Anyone making illegal short sell trades should be persecuted.

The Club of Rome research from 50 years ago has been shown to be incorrect on every point that we have reached so far. It is so wrong it is ridiculous. In the 50 years since that report, famines have been wiped from the face of the earth.

Global industrial output continues to grow.

Global food growth per capita:

Population growth predictions: maybe will peak somewhere in the 2100's

24.12.2019 14:20

Global Food per capita reaches a peak around 2020, followed by a rapid decline
well we are now in 2020 so it has yet to be confirmed but it surely will

$250 trillion global debt

what growth - here is the price discovery = DEBTS

all you links are INSTANTLY debunked

Keep on being a bankster apologist

24.12.2019 16:02

I say that is bunk - the "Global Food per capita." Even before new technologies such as vertical farming, We were producing about 125% of the food We all could eat, but 30-40% spoils before sale and is discarded. Money creates an artificial scarcity. With tech We have now... We could feed many times the number here. But until We solve for money (which We have the tech to do so, but the psychopaths in control hide and suppress it - wouldn't want to lose Their only tool to widespread power over Others), We will see these artificial scarcities persist.

25.12.2019 00:31

Yes, food spoils. We buy a bit more than we need and throw some out. We don't eat everything on our plate. 30-40% of food is wasted, this is true, but it has always been this way throughout human history.

This argument does not change the fact that food production is going up.

25.12.2019 14:43

Throughout the history We have had, We have accounted for Our Human energy added into a community/system via money - in whatever form:  trade, barter, work exchange, shells, beads, sticks notched and split, coins (metals), bills, or electronic bits.  Food has spoiled before exchange of accounting tokens throughout history.  The food spoilage at home is not a major addition to the overall waste.

Imagine if We could have all the food for free.  We would feed all of Us abundantly as the food is obtained fresh.  We have hunger and starvation because good food spoils before sale.  We have plenty and now have technology to provide vastly more.

It is not "our reality," so much as it is a function of the systems We have in place.  If We work to change the systems, in this post-scarcity world, with technology We now have...  We can create vastly better for Humanity.

And about that energy...  We have had free energy technology for at least 60 years - and likely closer to 100 years.  But the tech is hidden and suppressed, as the addition of free energy would make accounting for Our energy pointless, and money is the only tool to power over Others on a widespread basis that the psychopaths in control have.  See My featured video on My channel:

25.12.2019 16:24

don't bother UVAS is a central banker apologist

25.12.2019 19:33

Ah, well. That explains it. Thanks!

25.12.2019 20:16

My business is an internet business. Every single transaction made is voluntarily made by consenting adults. No slavery involved.

World debt is high, but that is mostly the fault of overspending governments.

26.12.2019 13:53

you sell items coming from slave labor countries - just like mayare about to run sho

26.12.2019 19:06

I don't sell any items built by slave labor. I sell entertainment on a gaming platform. I make money from people spending from their entertainment budget.

Unless Sweden has started up slave labor again.

27.12.2019 15:25

It is our reality. It takes effort and time and energy to produce food. Producing food is not free and it can never be.

Food waste is mostly in homes. About 2% is wasted by grocery stores:
Most is wasted in the home. This reports a 75% waste at the home level:

"Free energy'??? lolz. There is no such thing as "free" energy. If you need to claim conspiracy instead of facts and evidence, you have lost the argument.

26.12.2019 13:51

I claim what I know.

And do You think, with conspiracy the norm in history, that conspiracies just stopped some years ago?  If so, You are likely not skilled in logic.

27.12.2019 01:04

Yes indeed, one anonymous unsubstantiated claim that someone's daddy invented unlimited gravity energy that "they" won't let him talk about sure sounds like someone is skilled in logic.

27.12.2019 15:21

30-40% of food is wasted, this is true, but it has always been this way throughout human history.


25.12.2019 19:53

You can laugh at facts if you want.

26.12.2019 13:42

I am aware of ALL the problems created by the current system and know that we could achieve abundance if this system could be abolished

food spoils because the system itself again - Vertical farming is the way to go but the psychopaths will also have to go then

will watch your video later - tnx for sharing

25.12.2019 19:50

There are other videos I have...  All aimed at pointing the Individual to how We can solve for the systems in place.  I look forward to Your thoughts.  [smile]

25.12.2019 20:20

So for some unknown reason, a 50 year trend is going to fall off a cliff because you hope it does? What kind of piece of shit hopes world food production will go down? Food production continues to grow:

What kind of growth? Industrial growth for one.
Looking at a fact and saying it isn't true is very stupid.

Here is another fact. Technology is growing at a stupendous rate.

25.12.2019 14:40

Your post has been upvoted because of similarities to the #informationwar project (by @wakeupnd)

  • Our purpose is to encourage posts discussing Information War, Propaganda, Disinformation, and Liberty. We are a peaceful and non-violent movement that sees information as being held back by corrupt forces in the private sector and government. Our Mission.
  • Discord, website, youtube channel links here.

Delegate to the @informationwar! project and get rewarded

24.12.2019 20:02

We do indeed have psychopaths in control. I am working on a solution and just put up this piece in an effort to raise awareness of what is going on and how We can solve for these unEthical People:

25.12.2019 00:25

-You're right: we're ruled by people who work Against us.
-You're right: we Pay those people to work Against us.
-You're right: the Control system is Not necessary.
All people Protect the Control system and our challenge is to Dissolve it. What an Epic challenge! And what an Epic feeling we can experience by Overcoming it. The question is How? Why do we live in a Control system?
We live in a Financial system:
-Because we Sell necessities,
-Because we do Not have enough necessities,
-Because we use the resources of the planet for Poison and other stuff that are Not necessities,
-Because people create Demand for poison through their Everyday Choices
-Because their Destructive, Frail, Fake nature chooses for them
-Because they're Not aware.
How can we Dissolve the Control system as long as People create Demand for it?
The cause for Our Control is the Demand for stuff that are Not necessities: Unconsciousness.
Who wants to be a slave?
Nobody, so then Why do people Reinforce Our own enslavement?
People reinforce Our own enslavement:
-Not because this is what they want rather
-Because they are Not aware of this fact.
-Because they invest their positive intentions in the Wrong map: Reinforcing the Control system.
When people are Aware of the Basics, we can head toward the Next level of our game. Isn't this scenario Better than our current one?
For many years, people like You, like the Collective Evolution team have been sharing Educational content about our reality, yet we still live in a Control system that is Not necessary. Why?
Creating educational content is Not a problem, it’s Awesome, it’s a good way to Wake people up, so then What is the problem?
Why do most people Continue Building the Control system?
It just seems to me that we drift Away from the Basics, which are so simple that they can be summarized in one phrase: the control system No longer exists when there is No demand for the Control system.
It just seems to me that we have the Wrong focus:
-We focus on the Organization, Evil people who rule us, the Control system: what we can Not influence, meanwhile
-We create Demand for the Control system through our everyday Choices: what we Can influence.
I have a hunch: focus on Evil is the Wrong focus.
Evil will NOT come to help us win our game between us and evil.
People complain about our challenge. How ridiculous is that!
Evil exists as a challenge. Without a challenge, What game do we play?
Right focus might be stuff we can Do such as sharing the Basics.
Tell me, How many Necessities are there on this planet?
I don't know, and I don't think we have enough, otherwise Why do we Sell them?
There are so Many levels beyond this one and people are Not aware of this. Life on planet Earth can look different. How can we evolve as long as we're busy Selling Necessities (or poison)?
We can combine the 2 solutions:
-We can share the Basics and
-We can make a living by selling Necessities,
By doing so we might have a chance to reach the Next level where there is a superabundance of Necessities, at this point there is No enslavement, and we can focus on Evolution. How simple is that?
We have the Power to Create educational content - through which we can wake people up.
Our Evolution is Not automatic. Unless we wake people up, we lose our game. Isn't this the whole point of our game: To experience epic Evolution by choosing what's Right over what's Easy?
I was unaware of these facts. Only recently I connected some dots. I believe people deserve to have to have Clarity, the Full map. That's why I feel responsible to share the Other half of the map.
There are many stuff to be said about Winning Our game.
That's exactly why I created an educational show: to share my perspective about it.
What's Your opinion about it?
Our game doesn't last forever: the latest regulations are only the beginning, soon enough, we end up in a world of total Control, of total Censorship, so the question is: What are we doing Now?

26.12.2019 22:44

that's a long read - and I don't know where I should start responding but I really appreciate the time you took to speak your mind @askmihai

28.12.2019 21:30

The best is to keep doing what you\we are doing and trying to wake up people around us -- all this happened because most were falling asleep at the wheel so there is no miracle solution I am afraid but to take back our consent

31.12.2019 15:07

First: For Many years, people like You have been sharing Educational content about our reality, yet Most people are NOT aware of the basics; considering this,

  • How effective are we?
  • I don't know and I don't think we're effective enough, otherwise, Why aren't most people aware?

The latest Regulations for content creators are only the beginning, soon enough, we end up in a world of total Control, of Censorship (which is Already a reality to a major extent), in a point of NO return, in which we can NO longer work for winning our game, Considering our Current speed that's NOT too high,

  • What is a realistic way through which we can wake people up in Good time?

The keywords of this question are: In Good Time.

Second: What do you mean by: taking back our consent?
It just seems to me that people have the wrong focus. People focus on the elite (the 1% who rule the world). The elite is part of what we can't influence. The dark side is just playing its part.
Evil exists as a challenge. Without a challenge,

  • What game are we playing?

When are we more effective:

  • when we focus on what we can NOT influence or
  • when we focus on what we CAN influence?
02.01.2020 10:24