Privatization Is At The Core Of Ecological Fascism

This quote is absolutely correct. Money even accelerates these problems.

In no way we'd have ever predicted that the planned fall of the West would have started in Australia, but that merely evidences that the "dark forces" do have plenty of scenarios to choose from. The two last videos by @maxigan really plunge into the core of the matter. We posted one of them (his latest on the subject actually) at the bottom of this page just in case you missed it .

We already have explained at length that monetarism cannot prevent collusion in any way, and this means that property rights only work as a theory wrongly assuming that we are all born with the same potential to acquire possessions.. This theory cmpletely ignores the market forces generated by "elites and their institutions" preventing 80-85% of population from accessing critical information. In a competitioon model, all knoledge is either distorted or corrupt.

Although we appreciate this off-guardian article for exposing privatization, we disagree with monetized socialism - Privatiation is at the Core of Fascism

Where does start freedom when people are not taught in elementary schools about the problems with centralization? What for an education system is this?

Blaming a lack of personal responsibility is quite nonsensical because doing so endorses predatory behaviors by and for a top. MorMoreover, one thiis certain though, we can only eradicate the victimhood syndrome by refusing this state of affair and initiating a return to balance by demanding a system change instead of fighting withith windmills (us them mantra always resorting to the (de)fundinding as ultimateackmail).

Zimbabwe drought: UN warns food will run out ‘by the end of February’ “As things stand, we will run out of food by end of February, coinciding with the peak of the hunger season – when needs are at their highest. Firm pledges are urgently needed as it can take up to three months for funding commitments to become food on people’s tables,”

What is interesting here to learn is that fires in central Africa have been as apocalyptic as in the Amazon, Indonesia and Australia. Just watch this video and think for yourself while keeping in mind that the destruction of biodiversity does affect the water That, of course, the UN not going to say anythingng about.

What is striking at this stage is to see how the "corruption of the top" is affecting life on the planet. We've reached gargantuan scale of deliberate destruction, which will not slow down until we stand up each for our own freedom WHILE united in the goal to end our global servitude.

As Max Igan reports, this Australian firestorm is completely man-made used by the climate agenda. We have added several links below to prove it . Profit seeking is now unraveling right before our very eyes and was made possiossible by imposinon the crowds an absolutely senseless materialism with the help of bogus science.

What makes the case for banning advertising. People who seek to buy a product will have to wander the internet and use their own critical judgment to see which brands are worth it. 90% of all current advertising is fallacious anyway!

The success to free humanity from its shackles, lies in the understanding of the very uniqueness of each individual. And that humans have unalienable birthrights only protected by Natural Laws -- as opposed to man-made laws subjected to the whims of politicians.

Human rights are a fabrication instigated by the competition model, whereas birthrights are in full agreement with the state of being itself and the liberty to achieve one's journey without coercion. Human rights demand centralization whereas birthrights require decentralization. Monetarism has negated all human rights as established by the UN Charter, and we are learning this the very hard way.

We can no longer afford to trust "man-made laws". The latter are just killing humanity along with the ecosystem!

They are killing us. Firefighter blames government for Australia’s bushfire crisis

Australia will be importing milk from China in 5 years because of corruption in the Murray-Darling basin says pastoralist Rob McBride OCTOBER 26, 2019

  1. The big lie of politicians blaming the drought for all the water shortages in the bush when in fact a lot of the problems are because of government corruption in their management of the Murray-Darling basin water system.
  2. Stand over tactics by officials of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan Authority when they threatened witnesses to falsify evidence at the South Australian Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.
  3. Former NSW Water Minister Niall Blair telling Rob McBride that they are watching him and everything he does. Mr Blair resigned from parliament in October 2019.
  4. The destruction of the Menindee Lakes for no justifiable reason.
  5. Draining the Menindee Lakes twice in 4 years when it should have water flowing into the Darling River until 2023.
  6. 20 to 60 million fish will likely be dead before the deliberate government destruction is over.
  7. 600 Dairy farmers have left the industry in the last 12 months with 1 a week leaving currently.
  8. Dairy farmers previously paid about $30,000 a year for water but are now forced to pay $300,000 to $400,000 a year and that’s why they are going broke and leaving the industry
  9. The reason the federal and state politicians aren’t taking action to help the farmers is that they are looking after big corporates who want high water prices etc
  10. It is time for a federal Royal Commission to hold those responsible to account.
  11. ICAC is investigating but has done nothing so far.

Rob McBride from Tolarno Station talks about the water crisis in Australia

Former fire chiefs 'tried to warn Scott Morrison' to bring in more water-bombers ahead of horror bushfire season

14 Nov 2019"
We have tried since April to get a meeting with the Prime Minister," Mr Mullins told ABC Radio on Thursday morning. "It's clear now we won't get that meeting.
"Had we spoken back in April, one of the things we would've said is to try to get more aircraft on lease from the northern hemisphere because (we knew) this was going to be a horror fire season. They can be a decisive weapon.
"If they (the government) had spoken to us back then, maybe they could have allocated more money to have more of those aircraft, but they didn't and they're probably not available now."

Water market investors described as 'parasites' in first ACCC inquiry hearing in Mildura (nov 2019)

According to my calculations and estimates, the number of individuals around Australia whose arson has contributed to the current bushfire crisis has now passed 200. (for subscribers only)

The Bureau of Meteorology has been caught changing temperate records to remove recordings of low temperature. The IPA's Jennifer Marohasy calls for a public inquiry into the Bureau of Meteorology

DEC. 31, 2019 Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the Future

The global response to the bushfires has suggested, unfortunately, something more like the opposite: that no bind of tribal alliance or allegiance is strong enough that we won’t discard it, if discarding it allows us to see the suffering of those living elsewhere on the planet as insignificant to our own lives. These fires are just one disaster, of course, and the planet has many test cases like it ahead. But it would be among the most perverse grotesqueries of climate change if it brought about the end of these kinds of global prejudices — not to be replaced with a sense of common humanity but a system of disinterest defined instead by ever smaller circles of empathy.

Australia - The Perfect Firestorm - Created By Design ( Max Igan)

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I hate Rothschild. The centralization of money does not help. People should try not to feed the fascists. By the way, fire makes the earth greener. So, Australia and California will be greener. Fire is dangerous but is generally a blessing as the ashes improves the soil.

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lol, if you spent half the energy on creating a business for yourself as you do blogging nonsense, you would have been successful long ago.

Don't keep playing the victim. It is such a dishonest way to live. Someday you will understand that the world owes you nothing. You must go out and use your skills to survive and thrive.

But you are right about one thing. Every one of us is born with rights. The right to your life and to defend it. The right to use your labor as you see fit. The right to defend the fruits of your labor. This is the very core of capitalism. And money allows the efficient transfer of the fruits of your labor.

Its like you are almost there...

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you are short sighted and a stalker -- I wish there was a way to report you because you definitely have mental issues to keep posting on this blog

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Wanting to get rid of money is a sure sign of mental issues. It is born of jealousy and envy. It also contains magical thinking. Depriving people from a easy way to trade will not bring abundance. It would destroy our abundance. It would destroy civilization.

Quit worrying about what other people have, and start improving your own life.

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