Neurocapitalism ... Is Only Two Years Away!

COMMON DREAMS: Mark Zuckerberg's company is funding research on brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that can pick up thoughts directly from your neurons and translate them into words. The researchers say they've already built an algorithm that can decode words from brain activity in real time.

The problem with AI technology is that it is parasitic since it wants to copycat the thoughts and habits of the human species to mimic and surpass human intelligence. Are we the only ones seeing this, or what?

And Musk's company has created flexible "threads" that can be implanted into a brain and could one day allow you to control your smartphone or computer with just your thoughts. Musk wants to start testing in humans by the end of next year.

This technology is appealing because people feel like they will gain "superpowers", which the Ego is fond of. But anything the Ego desires is a complete trap. That is what got us our global multi-layered dilemma. So the same reasoning is not going to save us.

When we hear say: money is not evil but people.... it is very tempting to make the same remark about AI... that isn't true.

Money and AI are the tools for debasing society and the human nature. The same way we can say that "guns can be used for self-defense". Nope killing is just dead wrong. Peaceful people who understand the root cause of structural violence are not going to get guns but work toward reducing suffering and inequality.

We must think differently, because not only we perpetuate the problems but make them worse. When understanding the very nature of AI, we can't allow it to take over our lives and thoughts. The trade is not worth it. We are never going to be equal to AI. At least not the masses but the top 1%.

PUBLIC CITIZEN: "The technologies have the potential to interfere with rights that are so basic that we may not even think of them as rights, like our ability to determine where our selves end and machines begin. Our current laws are not equipped to address this.

Right on and the very fact that it is not debated on TV should really sound the alarm. That is what makes us humans after all. This is what AI is designed for however. One must be a fool to opt for losing one's cognitive rights. Lawmakers don't really care because "big tech" owns them already.

The Vox report broke down the four rights that, according to Ienca, policymakers need to urgently safeguard with new legislation: 1) The right to cognitive liberty: You should have the right to freely decide you want to use a given neurotechnology or to refuse it......... 2) The right to mental privacy: You should have the right to seclude your brain data or to publicly share it............. 3) The right to mental integrity: You should have the right not to be harmed physically or psychologically by neurotechnology...............4) The right to psychological continuity: You should have the right to be protected from alterations to your sense of self that you did not authorize.

If we let this happens, AI tyranny will be unparalleled. Mark our words!

Our mind and faculty to think is all we have to find out about who we are and enjoy the gift of life while we can. Not to mention that it will split society further. Those opposing this technology will not be left alone -- but hunted down. Feel free to imagine all kinds of scenarios here.

And this is less than 2 years away!

"The researchers say they’ve already built an algorithm that can decode words from brain activity in real time." So how long until this is co-opted for national security purposes?

Yeah that too... the government will eventually know anything happening in our minds. Any bit of thoughts.

The world state of affairs is getting grimmer by the days. There is still a long path to achieve the critical mass (25% of population). And the sad thing is that it is mainly because way to many, at this stage, still fear losing their paychecks.

Discombobulating to say the least.

FULL ARTICLE: "Scariest Thing You'll Read All Day": Report Sounds Alarm Over Brain-Reading Technology and Neurocapitalism. "Your brain, the final privacy frontier, may not be private much longer."

Putting a Chip in Your Brain Will Not Make You a Superhero (o a god)
@ 27:08mins: automatic learning is possible by feeding signals directly into specific neuronal structure without the conscious participation

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03.09.2019 20:01

Brain Phones are being introduced right now. That will accelerate in 2020. Some of this is here already. But it will continue to accelerate this next decade, especially in the next two years like you said. Celebrities will be promoting neurocapitalism and brain phones and safety more and more in a few months from now, assuming they are not already.

04.09.2019 01:07

looks like the clock is ticking much faster...

04.09.2019 16:53

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06.09.2019 01:34