30 Percent Of Millennials Say They Have “No Friends”

Another harsh truth with serious consequences will eventually unravel. No ifs but when... when you realize the millennials' debt load, do you really think that economy is going to pick up any time soon?

But this blog is more about debt' side effects.

When one is saddled with debt, socializing isn't appealing, unless one only thinks about getting very tipsy and pretending that everything is okay. Social networks of course just help sustain the appearances, but the feeling of loneliness also ever increases.

When you finally get your college degree but must go work 2 jobs to make ends meet, because the dream career didn't materialize, there is absolutely nothing to rave about, right?

The biggest source of debt are credit cards says the NBC article, meaning that the "mortgage debt ratio" isn't even taken care into account here. Although millennials who are singles often choose to stay with their parents, many of those married have a mortgage on top of that, the latter are literally debt zombies.

If you wonder why socialism and universal basic income are gaining ground in America, look no further! Here is the rational explanation!

But it shouldn't be that way because the Universe gifts all kids with an incredible amount of unbiased creativity, which is getting wasted by the education system, the social pyramid of power and the fear to not fit in. Does that sound relevant to you? This is how indoctrinating society really is. Even those seeing the big picture are struggling hard.

So to change the game, we'll have to be on a mission to protect world children, because if any long lasting results must occur, it starts with the education of our kids at home and the way we handle their emotional development, as the video clip here below explains.

Earth Custodians: All Kids Are GENIUSES!!!

22 percent of millennials say they have “no friends” Loneliness can be helpful, unless it becomes chronic. (AUG 2019)

Furthermore, 22 percent of millennials in the poll said they had zero friends. Twenty-seven percent said they had “no close friends,” 30 percent said they have “no best friends,” and 25 percent said they have no acquaintances. (I wonder if the poll respondents have differing thoughts on what “acquaintance” means; I take it to mean “people you interact with now and then.”)

Teens are increasingly depressed, anxious, and suicidal. How can we help? (JULY 2019) Suicide deaths are just the tip of the iceberg

Millennials ages 25-34 have $42,000 in debt, and most of it isn’t from student loans | Aug 16 2018
Over 44 million Americans have student loans, with the average debt hovering around $33,000. And yet that’s not the No. 1 source of debt for the average older millennial. Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 have an average of $42,000 in debt each, according to Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 Planning & Progress Study. The biggest source? Credit card debt.... Credit card balances make up a full fourth of the average older millennials owe, while student debt accounted for about 16 percent, according to Northwestern Mutual. The findings are based on a survey of over 2,000 U.S. adults, including an oversampling of more than 600 millennials..... Millennials also cope with many other financial burdens that other generations haven’t had, including those high student loans, as well as self-funded retirement savings and soaring home prices, to name a few... MORE https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/15/millennials-have-42000-in-debt.html

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