Emotional dependency

Hi, folks,

Today I want to talk to you about a rather controversial topic at the request of a colleague who usually follows my publications.

This topic is emotional attachment, or in other words emotional dependence.


But before we begin we must conceptualize.
According to Wikipedia

Emotional dependence is a psychological state that manifests itself in relationships with partners, family or friends.

This is an unhealthy state of being, so every decision the person in this situation makes will depend on the approval of the other person.

Emotional dependence is normal in any gender; however men tend to keep this situation hidden or low profile, without wanting to be sexist women are most affected by their affiliation, perhaps it is also by the influence of hormones or not!


Usually this period is somewhat temporary; however, people can have similar pictures, basically with any person or partner throughout their lives.

Unfortunately the real cause of this situation is the lack of self-esteem, insecurity and even fear of loneliness, although this sounds bad is so, so in order to combat this situation we must take into account the following:

    1.- Learn to make your own decisions in a rational way and not depend on your feelings or on someone else.
    2.- Do not seek the approval of others to do things, your opinion is important.
    3.- Begin to know yourself, you must know what you want and what you need.
    4.- Take on new challenges a short term project, that will keep you busy.

Finally is learn to enjoy the solitude, but do not get used to it is necessary to relate healthy.

Life is most beautiful with love, but it comes healthily when we feel good about ourselves.

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