Some Photos of Transylvanian Mushrooms, Mosses and Lichens

Few days ago I was in the local forest in #Transylvania and shoot some photos what i like to share with the world.

@Barski announces photo contest - Round 4 - Show me Mushrooms, Mosses and Lichens

…and i will participate with the following photos taken with my loved YotaPhone 2



Coprinus comatus - shaggy ink cap, lawyer's wig, or shaggy mane
Coprinus comatus - Wikipedia



Macrolepiota procera, the parasol mushroom
Macrolepiota procera - Wikipedia

Clitocybe nebularis - Clitocybe nebularis or Lepista nebularis, commonly known as the clouded agaric or cloud funnel
Clitocybe nebularis - Wikipedia



This is a work of a good friend of mine, just for fun ;)

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Great pictures @eaposztrof ! I ask you to post a link to this post and photos, as a comment on the competition. It will be easier for me to find you), and this is one of the main rules of the contest.

19.10.2019 20:54