Too excited


Pinky and Spiky are preparing their own things for their swimming later. Pinky packed his clothes, extra underwear and also her favorite goggles. While Spiky who focused only on his new Life saver. He is been waiting for this moment to use it. That's why it was the first one he grabbed and put in his bag.

They are now in the pool, swimming and floating, doing different swimming technique and style. Few moments later, Spiky realized that he forgot to bring extra brief for him to use after swimming.

What can Spiky do now?
You can help Spiky by giving him suggestions.

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25.07.2019 12:42

Oops! Maybe Pinky has a blanket to cover Spiky?

Posted using Partiko Android

25.07.2019 17:45

HA HA... good thing Pinky brought an extra towel ❣️

25.07.2019 21:27