Regulatory ECHO: Blockchain Nation Germany

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Germany wants to catapult itself to blockchain questions, while Switzerland still quarrels with Libra. A Bitcoin ETF is withdrawn once again. The regulatory ECHO.

Red light for the Bitcoin ETF from VanEck, Germany on the way to Blockchain country and Libra doubt in Switzerland: the regulatory ECHO.

Libra meeting in Switzerland: a long way for the Facebook Coin
If it wants to create Facebook with its crypto currency Libra past the regulatory authorities, so the company has to switch a few gears up in security issues. The Zuckerberg Group project is still about the entanglement of a private company with a currency designed to span the globe. A frictional field that lasted on 16 September in Basel for conversation.

Bitcoin ETF: VanEck request withdrawn
Anyone who is concerned with the struggle for the approval of a Bitcoin ETF, will quickly know: The last word is not spoken here yet. Since the first application in 2014, barely three months have passed without any new, warmed or declined applications. Or just withdrawn - like last week in the case of VanEck / SolidX Exchange Traded Funds. The light version of the BTC ETF from VanEck did not change the concerns of the SEC.

EU Science Hub publishes Blockchain report
The European Union Science Hub recently examined the state of distributed ledger technologies in the EU. Under the title "Blockchain Now and Tomorrow", the research laboratory has now presented the results: There is huge potential as well as subliminal doubts. More here.

Crypto Mecca Germany? The blockchain strategy of the Federal Government
... and "suddenly" Germany had a blockchain strategy. In line with the EU Blockchain report, the Federal Republic is now positioning itself. With the recently published strategy, the Federal Government plans to play a leading role in the technological revolution around Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Reason for a detailed commentary by Prof. dr. Philipp Sandner.

North Korea: National cryptocurrency in planning
Following alleged bitcoin hacks in the past, the Kim regime is now picking up the crypto-wrapper: North Korea should get its own cryptocurrency. Thus, the country is in good company: In addition to Venezuela, Russia and Iran, there is now another country that wants to liberate itself with a cryptocurrency of US sanctions.

Turkey sets up Regulatory Sandbox for Blockchain
Turkey too is now looking more closely at bitcoin technology. That's how the country launched regulatory Blockchain sandboxes just last week. Goal of the Thing: To test the technology in a secure environment.

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